Web Platform For Hecht Becomes a Major POS

Web Platform For Hecht Becomes a Major POS


To transform and simplify lens selection and ordering process, increase sales.


Hecht Contactlinsen GmbH is a Germany based company specializing in the production of custom-made lenses in various designs delivered across Europe.

Due to the manual lens order processing the Company has faced a reducing efficiency of the workflow. The company received its orders either by fax (50%) or by email requests (12%). To simplify the lens selection and overall ordering workflow, and to optimize the number of orders, our client needed to extend its digital capabilities to be able to process orders automatically, increasing efficiency and ensuring user satisfaction.

To solve the issue, several challenges had to be addressed:

  • To implement a web-based solution for opticians,
  • To secure an intuitive interface with a suitable user experience specific for opticians,
  • To synchronize the application with the existing ERP system to ensure order control starting from the optician’s request to the delivery stage.

Looking for mature expertise in complex solutions development, Hecht company has tapped Intetics for the extensive healthcare applications development background and deep experience in producing custom-tailored software.


Hecht’s major goal was to create a simple and intuitive solution to satisfy specific opticians’ needs like:

  • A quick evaluation of the client needs,
  • Choosing appropriate parameters for contact lenses,
  • Selecting the best option for a patient based on the prescription.

Having analyzed the typical info gathered, ordering patterns, customer requests and delivery destinations, Intetics has built a tablet-friendly one-page web solution that allows opticians to quickly check all parameters values and their dependencies.

While looking like a simple application, the web platform for Hecht combined complex architectural structure.

The business logic of a solution was build based on the analysis of the optician patterns in optician centers. According to regular workflow, accounts of opticians and optician centers are managed by the manufacturer’s admin. This approach secures an instant connection between the producer of lenses and its clients in case of urgent requests.

Each new order is formed based on the patient information, stored or added to the system, and goes directly to the manufacturer. As the system is connected to the manufacturer’s ERP system, opticians can track the order status and get notifications about the delivery process.

Following the all-in-one approach, Hecht company received a web platform covering all the requirements in one place: necessary functionality, products and manufacturer information, patients’ data, tracking and delivery information.  This ensured full process automation and digital transformation, which leads to a productivity increase.

Technologies used:

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • Angular
  • jUnit Jupiter
  • jUnit Platform
  • Jackson
  • Git
  • Maven
  • Angular
  • Jenkins
  • Spring Boot
  • jQuery
  • Apache Http Components
  • Apache PDF Box
  • WireMock


As a result of the new platform implementation, Hecht achieved its main goal – the majority of the manual lens ordering operations were replaced by digital flows. It led to a significant decrease of fax and email paperwork and, obviously, manual errors. Successful synchronization of the solution with the existing ERP system was done without disrupting of the existing customer workflow and data loss. Nowadays the system provides Hecht with valuable statistics and information about customer needs, which implies new plans for lens customization.

The increased efficiency and productivity in order processing positively affected the sales level, as Hecht has gained one more POS.

After the implementation, Hecht continues cooperation with Intetics as a long-term reliable partner, and the Intetics team of software engineers works as a true extension of the Hecht in-house staff.

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