Points of Interest
Data for Business

Every month more than 1500 POIs open in the USA only, while about 1000 disappears forever. If you own a database or about to create one, its relevance is crucial for your business.
Intetics helps companies to create and update Points of Interest databases and knows how to keep them up to date continuously.


Competency areas

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    POI collection and verification of POI’s via web and field

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    Newly opened POI’s collection

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    National Importance assessment

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    POI Data Enrichment

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    Polygons processing

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    Entrances determinations

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    Landmarks validation

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    Universities’ complexes and facilities processings

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    Address data relevance check

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    Determination of POI location (centroid and routing point coordinates)

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    Linguistic data processing (names, address components correction, etc.)

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    Application content search (landmarks and different POIs description, photos)

How Intetics Creates
POI Database

Data Processing

Field Data Collection
icon_ok POI collection
icon_ok Correct Business name verification
icon_ok Address verification
and updating
icon_ok Contacts verification
icon_ok Phone numbers search and addition
icon_ok Selection of POI category
icon_ok Additional info supplement for current POI
icon_ok Coordinates collection

POI Data Verification process

  • Value-driven process is aimed at delivery of high precision and reliable data for every interaction layer of your database or system.

    • Data correctness check
    • Addition of missing data
    • Duplicates identification
    • Closed POIs elimination
    • Replacement of outdated POIs by new ones
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Data Processing Approach

  • Internet Research

    POI data collection through open Internet sources. Research specialists make analysis of available data and validate its relevance and accuracy.

  • Call Verification

    The collected and initial data get verified by the means of phone calls. This allows obtaining the most accurate information without any physical team relocation.

  • Nearby Field Agent Engagement

    Visiting locations personally, they do the live-check of hard-to-get-to POIs to ensure the accuracy of your data.

Data Processing Approach
  • Geography 29 Languages
  • Validation 50K POIs monthly
  • Coverage 35 Countries
  • Team Creation 10 Up to 10 people in 2 weeks

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Unique Approach

    Combining the efforts of distributed remote team members not tied to the office, we provide you with a cost-efficient solution to your data processing challenge. Using thousands of services and custom verification approach, the remote team delivers high precision data for your software solution.

  • Unique Data Collection Technology

    Your process set up, team recruiting, and staff management efforts are covered by Intetics entirely. You are set free from these challenges and get high quality for your needs.

  • Multilanguage coverage

    Researchers for your project can be spread across various locations and have a good command of foreign languages. These opportunities allow us processing and verifying data of any complexity at any location and initially provided in any language.

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Quick Team Scaleup

    Your project team can be quickly scaled up to almost unlimited number of team members to cover the needed data range within tight timelines.

  • Automation

    Automation of data gathering and/or processing can become a good way out for project where the pace is intense and quick data implementation need. Our engineering experts automate these processes specifically for your needs.

  • Time efficiency

    Leveraging time zone difference, gives the team with an advantage over the in-house team. We are working around the time zones and using deadlines as a valuable asset rather than the gap.

Need your POI data base? Get started now!

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