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    Intetics has been serving clients for over 26 years. The old version of Intetics’ website was designed about a decade ago and, understandably, became somewhat obsolete. With complicated information presentation, misalignment with our corporate brand, and a lack of usability and conversion, we realized that we needed a major update.

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    AI in EdTech (AIED) is gaining traction, mainly due to rapid global digitalization and the widespread use of smart devices. AIED applications combine machine learning, deep learning, and advanced analytics to determine and monitor students’ learning processes – for instance, test scores and individual learning speed. Technology can help provide students with personalized learning experiences, allowing them to absorb and retain materials at their own pace. Teachers can leverage AIED to better understand their students’ baseline levels, strengths, weaknesses, and rate of progress over time.

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    Fresh real-world data is critical to create and keep up-to-date maps and navigational products, for road infrastructure maintenance, urban planning and many other tasks.
    Intetics does data collection services, providing custom, real-world data for top-tier vendors for automotive OEMs.

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    It’s a hot topic in the industry right now: are distributed software development teams as efficient and effective as those that are colocated? While many in the software development field believe teams that work together far outpace and outwork those distributed, I adamantly disagree. I’m a huge advocate for distributed teams, and here’s why.