AWS Consulting Practice

The Client’s public website suffered from crawler scans, which produced a lot of page views, caused performance drops and affected data reporting. Static content in Amazon S3 was not protected.
To reduce API maintenance costs of the existing MSSQL database and tackle its complexity to improve data sharing with the internal app to deliver seamless and quick access to customers’ data.
The project started with performance optimization reporting and evolved into a flexible reporting tool. It is a standard ETL task. The Client decided to implement their own solution rather than using existing solutions to be able to manage appropriately any possible requirements. Later other major activities were assigned to the Offshore Dedicated Team®.
The Client is a Hamburg headquartered company that renders website development and management services for publishing houses. With a specialty in news website concepts and design, the Client has rich experience in providing solutions for the publishing industry worldwide.
The Client wanted to create the solution ready for production ASAP, but due to a lack of resources it was challenging. To overcome the challenge the Intetics team was engaged. During the cooperation process, a lot of performance issues were solved and architectural improvements were implemented.
The Client operates in 19 markets across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and AsiaPacific. The website connects finance professionals with hiring companies and helps companies find Investment Bankers, Traders, Asset Managers, Relationship Managers, Treasurers, Risk Managers, Auditors, Business Analysts, Actuaries, and Graduate Trainees.
The goal was to overhaul the platform and improve the learning experience for the higher education sector. A platform they already had was built on outdated architecture; it needed to be modernized and improved to meet business, customer and end-user needs.
The glucose monitoring system empowers users to live a healthy and active life. The Client’s products seamlessly fit into the users’ daily activities and supported them in achieving their fitness and healthcare goals, whatever they might be.
We help businesses migrate to the cloud and provide counsel, support, and maintenance where needed.
Keywords: Auto Scaling, Big Data, Cloud App, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Migration, On-Demand Computing, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS