Remote In-Sourcing®

subtitle icon We build efficient teams that build your technology

Han needed more resources. Scaling locally wasn’t fast enough. Outsourcing left them unsatisfied with quality, training, and control of their teams. Then, they found Remote In-Sourcing®.

We build efficient teams that build your technology
We help you optimize performance and accelerate time to market by delivering scalable agile software development and data processing teams that are coherently integrated with your in-house staff. Capitalize on access to the best global talent with in-depth software engineering expertise and extensive industry experience and get a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

Remote In-Sourcing®: Create Your Dream Team

subtitle icon A remote, expert team created to meet your business needs, seamlessly integrated with your in-house staff

Do You Need Extra Talent to resolve your most pressing IT challenges?

If you and your team are constantly facing…
An internal process that is ripe
for expert overhaul and innovation
Persistent pressure to use new technologies
to innovate
Bottomless backlog that needs extra hands to realize time-to-market
Scarce talent
and rising costs
for quality engineers
We Build A Team To Achieve
Your Business Needs
  • Long-term organization,
    100% dedicated to your project
  • Complete match for your technical and resource needs
  • Team that operates under
    your direction
  • No headaches associated
    with logistics and operations
  • Benefit from 25+ years of expertise and process enhancement
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How Remote In-Sourcing® Works

subtitle icon Imagine your perfect developer, and now imagine they work for you

Before the internet, you would walk down the hall and ask your local IT development guy to get a new feature. Welp, those days are gone. And while the speed of software development has increased dramatically, your software development headaches and costs don’t have to. If you have a long-term IT project or process that needs ongoing help, we’ll build a team to match your needs. And while they might be remote, our processes ensure it still feels like they’re just down the hall.

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The Remote In-Sourcing® Difference

subtitle icon High performing teams without the overhead

Key Model Benefits

  • Higher Net Delivered Value – We build a remote team that delivers lower costs, and also innovation and process improvements. Work with them just like you would with your own employees. Intetics teams consistently beat all quality and productivity measures, which means increased output for you.

  • Unparalleled Alignment and Control – Ramp up or ramp down the team to meet the needs of your business. Maintain control over training, promotions and reassignment. You get full control of the team, with no cost risks. The team is trained based on your company standards. This is your remote team – not some one-time project.

  • Innovation Focused on Your Objectives – Other business models use shady methods and unique IP workarounds to improve their own margins. ALL of the Intellectual Property used by your Intetics team stays yours. Plus, you can use any of our methods, so, all your teams improve: Intetics teams are incented to innovate on your behalf, to be the best team you have, and to help you achieve success. In fact, even performance is measured against your standards and objectives.

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The Remote In-Sourcing® Benefits

subtitle icon High performing teams without the overhead
Build Your OwnRemote In-Sourcing®Low Cost Alternatives
Productivity & Controlstar-3star-3star-3star-3star-3star-3star-1
SCALABILITY & FLEXIBILITYstar-2star-2star-3star-3star-3star-1
QUALITY & INNOVATIONstar-2star-2star-3star-3star-3star-2star-2
TRANSPARENCY & IPstar-3star-3star-3star-3star-3star-3star-1

Download the detailed outsourcing
model comparison guide

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Is Remote In-Sourcing® Right for Me?

Remote In-Sourcing® is the right fit if you:

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    Require extra resources to sustain a long-term project

  • check-icon

    Want the flexibility of working with a remote team as if they were your own employees

  • check-icon

    Want to leverage global markets to your advantage

  • check-icon

    Require quick turn-around in team formation

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    Do not want surprise costs associated with change management

  • check-icon

    Would like improved processes and innovation baked into your results

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Domains of Expertise to Match Your Use Case

subtitle icon With 25 years of development experience, we’ll ensure your product is a success
  • Choose Your Subject COMPETENCES Our competences range from AI/ML, Data and Geospatial services to QA and Test automation
  • Choose Your Industry INDUSTRIES We’ve serviced over
    20 industries.
    From A to Z
  • Choose Your Technical Puzzle SOLUTIONS We’ve built hundreds
    of solutions of varying complexity
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