Custom Development vs Off-the-Shelf Products

There are good things about both custom software and adapting existing products to making your business more tech-friendly. We think of the custom vs off-the-shelf debate as a continuum, and with the myriad of products and services out there, we can help you assess what is the best fit for your journey.

Ideal for situations requiring highly customizable, complex, and business critical systems.

  • Requires pre-work Implementation Plug & play
  • Extremely customizable Customization Limited by existing UI
  • Designed to integrate smoothly Integration Integration can be a challenge
  • Plan to schedule Upgrades Scheduled & periodic
  • Ideal for complex systems Complexity Can increase complexity
  • Scalable with the right team Speed & Scale Scalable with the right product
  • High up-front costs Cost Subscriptions growing long-term
  • Owned system & IP Competitive advantage No IP – consumption only

Best used for situations where quick deployment and limited customization and integration are required.