2021 Still Life

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Employees’ Hobbies: Hot Air Ballooning

The Intetics employees are multi-talented people with a variety of interests.

When you are both a professional hot air balloon pilot and a talented Geocoder.


Employee’s hobbies: mountain climbing

The Intetics flag on top of Mount Kazbek! Let’s congratulate our guys who hoisted the corporate swag on several European mountain tops.


Employees’ Hobbies: Horseback Riding

“Once you visit a stable, you’ll never be able to leave it”, QA Software Engineer of Intetics agrees with that widespread belief among true horsemen.


Employee’s hobbies: RPG

Our colleagues are very diversified people with various interests.

Being a real knight in polygonal role-playing games.

role-playing games

Employees’ Hobbies: Hiking


Employees’ Hobbies: Dancing

Bachata dance makes you feel great and cheerful.


Employee’s hobbies: open water swimming

To compete in open water swimming.


Employee’s hobbies: finding ideas everywhere

To think outside the box.

finding ideas everywhere

Employee’s hobbies: fitness

To love fitness so passionately to become a fitness trainer.


Intetics life: soccer

To be in sport.

  • Intetics soccer team
  • Intetics soccer team 2

Intetics Life: cycling and tennis

To be in sport.

  • cycling fans
  • tennis fans

Intetics life: certification

Constantly improve the professional level of knowledge.

Intetics certification

Intetics life: public speaking

To share knowledges and best practices.

  • public speaking
  • public trainings

Intetics life: talents grow and communities building

To grow Intetics talents, and lead engineering communities.

  • SBCsStrategy-Session
  • HR-Fair

Intetics Life: kayaking

To enjoy teambuildings.


Intetics life: teambuildings

To spent time together.

  • Teambuilding
  • 192-min-Intetics-life-teambuildings

Intetics life: corporate events

To have fun.

  • Intetics corporate events
  • employee awards

Intetics The Power Is You Video

In 2021 we had very bright and cheerful Corporate Parties in Ukraine and Belarus. If you put together all the fun activities, games and entertainments in one day, you will get to the Intetics Summer Party 2021.

Intetics The Power Is You 2021

  • Intetics-267_web-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_044-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_139-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_149-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_151-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_179-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_193-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_251-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_295-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_320-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_355-min
  • photo_Intet_SummYakyt21_w_491-min
  • Kharkiv_1-scaled
  • Kharkiv_2-scaled
  • Kharkiv_3-scaled
  • Kharkiv_4-scaled

Intetics life: impactfull people awards

To celebrate wins together.

  • 232-min-Intetics-life-impactfull-people
  • 231-min-Intetics-life-impactfull-people-scaled

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