E-Commerce Driving Transformation in Retail

  • Retail companies
    must go digital
  • 62%

    Customers expect personalized offers fit for purchase behavior

  • 81%

    Customers search online before committing to a purchase

  • 81%

    Customer experience improvement is retailer priority No.1 (over product and price)

Digital is the new brick-and-mortar. And everyone is noticing.

    Forcing retailers
    to innovate in 2020

  • Social networks drive significant online revenues for retailers. Over 60% of Instagram users use the platform to find and purchase products. TikTok is next.

  • Augmented and virtual
    enables new customer experiences like trying products own. ARKit-based apps are used by IKEA and Amazon.

  • Enhanced customer experiences
    and cohesive recommendations
    will be provided thru apps
    enabled with ML, analytics and
    computer vision

  • Voice commerce will emerge
    where buyers will no longer type,
    but speak their purchases.
    7-Eleven is already piloting voice
    ordering systems.

  • Modernizing back ends: From
    IoT sensors to track supply
    chains to microservices
    architecture, legacy systems are
    no longer cutting it.