Healthcare and Life Sciences

Optimized business processes and customer support integrated into a digital ecosystem with user data tracking, a website with B2B & B2C components, CMS with advanced functionality.
An interactive multimedia program to increase knowledge and improve the psychological condition of children with asthma. The project focused on the importance of school and peers in managing asthma.
An intention to make the app compatible with other peripheral optical devices and migrate to the new system without disrupting operations required deep technical expertise and cost-effectiveness.
The Client required to develop a web-based solution for opticians, securing an intuitive interface with a suitable UX, and synchronizing the app with the existing ERP system.
The application should process tons of X-ray images in high quality and still run fast with a high performance level.
The Client required a new application that would navigate a surgeon in inserting an implant into the patient’s brain. For this purpose, MRI images of a patient’s head are processed by the software; ML&AI algorithms are used to build a path for an implant, which is shown on the screen on top of an MRI image.
The CRM system the Client uses has a lot of operations that are simple, repetitive, and can/should be automated to economize user time and make CRM usage more efficient and convenient.
The Client’s company focuses on key technologies, elevates market and customer-specific systems to a new level, and meets the growing demands for highly integrated photonic solutions.
The Client is a medical and software company that owns “All-in-One Practice Management Solution.” The solution includes real-time management tools for scheduling patients’ appointments and insurance verification, as well as for tracking every step of the revenue cycle
The glucose monitoring system empowers users to live a healthy and active life. The Client’s products seamlessly fit into the users’ daily activities and supported them in achieving their fitness and healthcare goals, whatever they might be.