Digital Transformation in Travel, Transportation & Logistics

  • Companies turning
    towards digital
  • 63%

    Logistics providers
    characterize themselves
    as “slow adopters”

  • 80%

    Are planning to increase
    budgets to update
    operations technology

  • 20%

    Of overhead costs expected
    to be cut as a result of new
    flexible technologies

Digital transformation is key innovating the flow of people, goods, and services

    Tech driving change
    in Transportation & Logistics

  • Digitalization will bring
    reduction in procurement and
    supply chain costs, as well as
    more transparency

  • AI and augmented intelligence
    improve route planning,
    fine-tune demand planning, and
    other key operational challenges.

  • IoT Sensoring technology will
    transform supply chain
    management, from tracking
    shipments to supply chain

  • Warehouse Robotics will
    become more integrated and
    reduce time spent on tasks
    within the warehouse.

  • Digital twins will transform how
    professionals interact with
    physical and virtual models of


Digital Transformation for Moving Goods and People

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      • Advanced fleet management
      • Autonomous mobile robots
      • Real-time supply chain integration
      • Repetitive tasks automation
      • Cloud-based SaaS transportation management
    • item icon
      • Software to enable driverless and autonomous
      • SaaS platforms for predictive analytics and
        enhanced customer experiences
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      • Last-mile logistics platform
      • Blockchain-based logistics solutions
      • AI- enabled tech for predictions, demand
        forecasting, optimization, and energy efficiency
      • Warehouse robotics for more
      • AR and computer vision enabled solutions
      • Cloud-based SaaS solutions for logistics companies
        allow for pay-per-use models

Digital Transformation for Moving Goods and People

All Benefits
item icon For the Enterprise  
  • Reduce complexity
  • Decrease time to market
  • Lower development costs
  • Gain flexibility
item icon For the Customer  
  • Faster delivery
  • Lower prices
  • Better customer experienced
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Key digital transformation steps
  • 01.

    Assess the current state of digital across your organization

  • 02.

    Define your digital transformation objectives

  • 03.

    Outline digital transformation roadmap

  • 04.

    Choose your technologies

  • 05.

    Establish software partnership

  • 06.

    Empower and educate your staff

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30 Years of Evolving IT Solutions

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    • Management optimization starts to be translated as an information systems problem
  • 2000
    • Start of e-commerce ushered a new era for the logistics & transportation industries
  • 2005
    • End-to-end logistics management becoming more prevalent
    • Companies waking up to technological changes
  • 2010
    • Increased investment in material handling systems
    • Warehousing becomes a focus of supply chain optimization
  • 2015
    • New services offered through and omni-channel supply chains
    • 3D printing and IoT held significant promise
  • 2020
    • Supply chains stress-tested with increased COVID demand for product shipment and challenges to international movements
  • 2025
    • Demand will be driven ever-higher by movement of more and more people, goods, and services
    • Driverless technologies will see early wins

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