Predictive Software Engineering Methodology

  • Predictive Software Engineering (PSE) is a framework that addresses bottlenecks of custom software product development. It reconstructs the reliable approach to delivering software development services.
  • PSE overcomes the “art” component of programming. It makes software engineering exactly what it was meant to be: an engineering exercise that is precise and predictable.

The PSE framework consists of seven specific concepts. Together they ensure transparency, as well as render the process controllable and predictable in its essence. PSE is a proprietary framework developed by Intetics as result of 25+ years in custom development practices.

01 Meaningful Customer Care 03 Proven Productivity 05 Disciplined Agile Delivery process 07 Sound Human Development
02 Transparent End-to-End Control 04 Efficient Distributed Teams 06 Measurable Quality Management and Technical Debt Reduction