Custom Software Development

subtitle icon Making software engineering predictive

Andy took a sip of morning coffee and had an idea. Wrote it on a napkin, sent it to Intetics, and had a working software prototype by end of the week.

We deliver software engineering excellence with the best custom software development services and solutions that turn your business puzzles into functional, award-winning products. Our core strength lies in designing software products from ground up. We close the gap between your idea and shortage of qualified talent. Our Predictive Software Engineering development framework, unparallel quality approach, and vast business domain knowledge, plus more than 25 years experience guarantees you gain a technology advantage and product leadership.

Custom Software Development

subtitle icon Highest quality software products with Predictive Software Engineering
Good Software is Hard:
  • Increasing demands on software performance and quality
  • Shortage of qualified talent
  • Rising costs for talent and tools
  • Incomplete product specifications
We Build It Right:

Develop your technology advantage.
Assured with 25+ years of experience.

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How Do We Build Your Software Product?

subtitle icon From back-of-napkin to full fledged software products that delight your customers

Our time-tested custom software development process solves the main challenges of traditional software development, like lack of skill and expertise, and lack of reliable goals and results from timeliness to quality.

To deliver what you need, we build quality software with two key approaches:

  • Offshore Dedicated Team®
  • Predictive Software Engineering.
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Quality software with two key approaches

Offshore Dedicated Team® (ODT®)

There is more to successful software than just lines of code. Our team of experts use all the right technology, processes and tools AND they go the extra mile to test use cases, validate business models, engage with stakeholders, and build communities (in any domain). ODT® ensures the right people build your idea – all with an easy-to-budget, fixed-cost, all-inclusive pricing model.

Predictive Software Engineering

Our software development process leverages Predictive Software Engineering principles. This process emphasizes transparency, manageability, and predictability in a way that make it crystal clear what is going on at any point in your project. With this process, product planning, timelines, and product goals become a breeze. Read more on PSE here and join the club.

Case Studies
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