Startup Technology Partner

The application should process tons of X-ray images in high quality and still run fast with a high performance level.
The Client wanted to create the solution ready for production ASAP, but due to a lack of resources it was challenging. To overcome the challenge the Intetics team was engaged. During the cooperation process, a lot of performance issues were solved and architectural improvements were implemented.
The Client required a new application that would navigate a surgeon in inserting an implant into the patient’s brain. For this purpose, MRI images of a patient’s head are processed by the software; ML&AI algorithms are used to build a path for an implant, which is shown on the screen on top of an MRI image.
The Client is a Hamburg headquartered company that renders website development and management services for publishing houses. With a specialty in news website concepts and design, the Client has rich experience in providing solutions for the publishing industry worldwide.
PSE is a framework initiated by Intetics assuring efficient development of custom software solutions using global pool of talented professionals.
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