Digital Transformation in the Agriculture Sector

  • Agriculture
    companies gain
    big with digital:
  • $500B

    Of value can be added with enhanced connectivity by 2030

  • 80%

    Of world’s farmers will be connected by 2030

  • 70%

    Increase in calories for consumption required by 2050

Digital transformation helps to stay on top of population growth and enhance connectivity

    of digitalization
    in Agriculture 2021+

  • Crop monitoring with IoT networks could add $130B+ value with better prediction of deficiencies

  • Sensors for livestock monitoring could help bring $70B+ in value with better monitoring of animal health

  • Building & equipment management with sensors and chips in silos and warehouses could help achieve up to $60B in cost reduction

  • Farming by drone could add over $85B in value with improved ways to survey crops and herds over large areas quickly

  • Autonomous farming machinery can bring $50B+ value with better connectivity solutions