Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Building an ML pipeline for parking sign recognition to detect a sign's location and recognize the restrictions and time bounds for parking with no lessthan 90% accuracy, including recognizing unstandardized parking signswith texts.
The Client required a new application that would navigate a surgeon in inserting an implant into the patient’s brain. For this purpose, MRI images of a patient’s head are processed by the software; ML&AI algorithms are used to build a path for an implant, which is shown on the screen on top of an MRI image.
The Client’s analytics tool needed data that couldn't be purchased or licensed. Its collecting required a lot of qualified spatial analysts’ work and team to mark precise boundaries on a map.
The challenges occurred during the expansion of the Client’s presence in Eastern Europe were associated with the specifics of the region.
The Client delivers innovative products for the automotive and transportation industries, such as real-time parking, traffic information, and solutions that facilitate the safe testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles.