Digital Transformation in the Geospatial Sector

  • Companies
    leveraging GIS
  • 75%

    Reduction in time needed
    for delivery route

  • 70%

    Consider location
    intelligence critical to
    their goals

  • 20%

    Growth projected for
    LBS-enabled services in
    next 4 yrs

Take your company to a new dimension with geospatial data and solutions

    In GIS and geospatial sector, driving
    innovation in 2021+

  • IoT, edge computing and
    miniaturization of sensors
    become location sensing and
    localization more accessible and
    cost effective

  • AI infused with
    geospatial data and GIS will help
    build next generation of apps,
    from traffic mngmnt to better
    user experience

  • Automakers are betting on GIS
    to make their goals of self-driving
    vehicles come true, with better,
    accurate and real time geo data

  • Smart cities will become enabled
    with better analytics and
    immersive experiences through

  • LiDAR becomes the defacto
    standard for geo data collection,
    and yielding better maps and
    enabling new use cases, such as
    autonomous cars


Upgrade Digital Experiences with GIS Solutions

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      GEO DATA
      • Data Collection
      • Database Maintenance and geo data management
      • Data Analysis
      • Quality Assurance
      • Accurate maps
      • Better predictions & decision-making
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      • Software product development
      • Extensions and customizations of existing tools
        (ArcGIS, GeoMedia, MapInfo, Qgis etc)
      • Localization of materials and sites
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      • Platform integration (GIS platforms, ESRI, Integraph,
        MapInfo, open source)
      • Database maintenance (Design, data modeling,
        validations, operations support, data backup)
      • Consulting for GIS Integration, GIS Auditing,
        Geodata Acquisition
      • Tailored training


Upgrade Digital Experiences with GIS Solutions

All Benefits
item icon For the Enterprise  
  • Decrease development costs
  • Create more accurate products
  • Leverage previously unavailable data to make better predictions
  • Work with tools that meet your needs
item icon For the Customer  
  • More accurate products
  • Real-time updates and decisions
  • Localized and customized experiences
  • Key digital transformation steps
  • 01.

    Assess your GIS and geospatial needs

  • 02.

    Define how GIS will enable better experience

  • 03.

    Outline roadmap to
    enable software
    suite with GIS

  • 04.

    Choose the
    right mix of GIS

  • 05.

    GIS solutions

  • 06.

    and educate
    your staff

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Digital Transformation in Finance & POS Systems

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    • GIS term coined during Tomlinson’s Canadian land use research
    • Esri founded as consulting and later becomes a software company
  • 2000
    • Esri releases ArcGIS
    • GIS adopted by cities, municipalities and private orgs
    • US makes GPS signal available for civilian use
  • 2005
    • Google announces Google Maps
    • Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) adopted by US DoD
    • Google Earth is released
  • 2010
    • Google launches Street View
    • Apple Maps launches
    • British Ordnance Survey data released (win for public data)
  • 2015
    • Satellite images easier to acquire
    • Open source solutions for GIS become more accessible
    • Hobby drones becoming mainstream
  • 2020
    • LiDAR
    • 3D Sensing cameras
    • Faster data processing fuels analysis
    • Traffic mngmnt and GPS in general use
  • 2025
    • 4D mapping
    • Digitization
    • Advanced analytics
    • Real-time location analysis
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Advanced computer vision

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