Robotic Process Automation

Some things are better when they’re automated. Intetics will build robots to make your most important processes more efficient and help stakeholders avoid menial tasks and save time for value-added, meaningful responsibilities.

Business intelligence and business process management (BPM) can be easily implemented using latest RPA technologies and simple automation solutions. With our help, your business can hyper-automate industry-specific processes using machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision techniques. We’ve built algorithms and robots for various use cases, like:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Customer support
  • CRM, ERP data flows
  • Internal document exchanges

We’ve had 25 years to discover how to make things efficient and built our first RPA process in 1998 before “RPA” even existed. Let us get rid of the unnecessary manual steps and bring efficiency back into your business.

Case Studies
The Platform for Extracting Features From LiDAR Data Decreased the Manual Processing Time by 60%
Multi-Functional Application for In-Vitro Diagnostics and Digital Microscopy
White Papers and Publications