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Each modern car collects Gigabytes of information daily and all these data are a great source for predictive analytics and map-making. Intetics Automotive Centre of Excellence provides versatile expertise in all key areas of modern car making process. Let us know what is your current challenge and we will be happy to help!


BIM – it`s not only 3D geometry but the entire process of managing the information that comes with a building. Core benefits: overall building efficiency improvement by 55% and operating costs by 35%, reducing consumption, construction inefficiencies, schedule conflicts, and more.


Tame technology for remote medical care and wellbeing


From prototype stage to launch to production
with further support and enhancement


AI and ML Center of Excellence was created to help you find a solution to your bold technological ideas.


Delivering conversational solutions


Effortless use.
Always accessible.
Completely custom.


Cut 30% of your costs by outsourcing drone data processing.

Save 75% of your time and use it more effectively on marketing, sales and data collection