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Intetics is a cloud-native consultancy that focuses on providing solutions to businesses enabling them to exploit the potential of the cloud and its native features.

We help businesses migrate to the cloud and provide strategy, support and maintenance where needed.


AWS Consulting Practice

AWS Consulting Practice

We do not just provide services to transfer business processes organizations and data to the cloud – we take it further by helping organizations identify, launch, and scale new businesses, as well as create new revenue streams.

Our goal is to ensure your success on AWS. We help you navigate the complete Amazon Web Services suite of powerful cloud infrastructure services and guide your cloud strategy for getting the most out of these tools.

AWS Solutions

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    Distributed System

    A distributed system, also known as distributed computing, contains multiple components located on different machines. They communicate and coordinate actions in order to appear as a single coherent system to the end-user. Distributed systems offer better availability, durability, scalability, and efficiency.

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    Serverless computing is a method of providing backend services on an as-used basis. A serverless provider allows users to write and deploy code without needing to think about underlying infrastructure. A company that gets backend services from a serverless vendor is charged based on their computation. They do not have to reserve and pay for a fixed amount of bandwidth or number of servers, as the service is auto-scaling. Note that, despite the name serverless, physical servers are still used, but developers do not need to be aware of them.

AWS Services

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    Continuous Deployment

    The infrastructure-as-a-code approach allows developers to describe and create all necessary resources in AWS.Maintaining computer hardware and software is a full-time job. With a public cloud, your employees no longer have to maintain equipment that doesn’t directly contribute to business objectives. Your cloud service provider ensures the infrastructure is in place, and your tech wizards can focus on driving business outcomes.

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    Reduce DevOps Effort/Less
    Maintenance/and Simplification of IT

    The infrastructure-as-a-code approach allows developers to describe and create all necessary resources in AWS.Maintaining computer hardware and software is a full-time job. With a public cloud, your employees no longer have to maintain equipment that doesn’t directly contribute to business objectives. Your cloud service provider ensures the infrastructure is in place, and your tech wizards can focus on driving business outcomes.


AWS Services

  • Amazon RDS

    Amazon Relational Database Service runs is a distributed relational database service by Amazon Web Services. It is a web service running “in the cloud” and is designed to simplify the setup, operation, and scaling of a relational database for use in applications.

  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda enables you to harness the power of the cloud. It runs your codes in a cloud environment without having to maintain servers and manage clusters. Attract any scale of traffic to proliferate your business – and use data to drive business decisions that address customer needs.

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  • Amazon API Gateway

    Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. APIs act as the “front door” for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from your backend services. Using API Gateway, you can create RESTful APIs and WebSocket APIs that enable real-time two-way communication between applications. API Gateway supports containerized and serverless workloads, as well as web applications.

  • AWS CloudFormation

    AWS CloudFormation gives you an easy way to model a collection of related AWS and third-party resources, provision them quickly and consistently, and manage them throughout their lifecycles by treating infrastructure as code. A CloudFormation template describes your desired resources and their dependencies; you can launch and configure them together as a stack. You can use a template to create, update, and delete an entire stack as a single unit, as often as you need to, instead of managing resources individually. You can manage and provision stacks across multiple AWS accounts and AWS Regions.

AWS Services


    AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications or APIs against common web exploits and bots that may affect availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. AWS WAF gives you control over how traffic reaches your applications by enabling you to create security rules that control bot traffic and block common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.


    You can also customize rules that filter out specific traffic patterns. You can get started quickly using Managed Rules for AWS WAF, a pre-configured set of rules managed by AWS or AWS Marketplace Sellers to address issues like the OWASP Top 10 security risks and automated bots that consume excess resources, skew metrics, or can cause downtime. These rules are regularly updated as new issues emerge. AWS WAF includes a full-featured API that you can use to automate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of security rules.

AWS Services

  • Amazon DynamoDB

    Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed proprietary NoSQL database service that supports key-value and document data structures. It and is offered by as part of the Amazon Web Services portfolio . DynamoDB exposes uses a similar data model to and derives its name from Dynamo, but has a different underlying implementation.

  • Amazon CloudFront

    Amazon CloudFront is a fast content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with low latency, high transfer speeds, all within a developer-friendly environment. CloudFront works seamlessly with any AWS origin, such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, or with any custom HTTP origin. You can customize your content delivery through CloudFront using the secure and programmable edge computing features CloudFront Functions and AWS [email protected]

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Cost Savings and Effectiveness

    Cost Savings and Effectiveness Cloud gives you the ability to only pay for the resources you use. This gives you access to the infrastructure that would cost too much time and money to maintain yourself, which ties back into scalability.

    A traditional IT approach to scaling up is costly. It takes planning; it can take months, and it requires hardware with a high initial cost, electricity to keep it all operating and cool, and skilled IT staff capable of getting it all up and running. With the cloud, that’s all done nearly instantly by your cloud provider.

    In the cloud, IT leaders can easily allocate computing resources according to unique business requirements and cut wasteful spending. Rather than estimate capacity needs in advance, organizations can make real-time adjustments and eliminate unnecessary hardware or rigid on-premises assets.

  • Rapid Implementation and Time-to-Value

    Cloud implementations can be rapid relative to on-premise variants. For instance, an on-premises implementation could take three months, while switching your company to a SaaS implementation of the same software would application of the same relative complexity and scope would only takes two weeks.

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Elasticity and Scalability

    Many organizations are undergoing digital transformations to create incremental value out of existing assets. Thanks to recent advances in cloud computing, leaders can digitize more core functionality, including CRM, SAP, data analytics, and more.

    Migrating to the cloud opens up numerous doors of opportunity when it comes to leveraging modern technologies. For example, organizations that migrate can take advantage of machine learning and AI, which aren’t always feasible on-premises. They can also create implement highly complex cloud-native technologies, such as Kubernetes containers and data lakes, in minutes.

  • Move From CapEx to OpEx

    Cloud shifts tech systems from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operating expenditure (OpEx) — or from an investment that will depreciate in value (like a room full of expensive hardware) to a regular, ongoing cost of running a business (like paying for internet).

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Security and Compliance

    Security and Compliance Most cloud providers are large companies, with other large companies relying on them. That’s why they go out of their way to consider security and compliance, always implementing modern security, practices, and trends ensure sensitive data is safe in the cloud.

    Public cloud providers typically bring to the table policies, tech, and controls that are a huge step up from the average organization’s security practices. This is paired with considerations for almost any industry-specific compliance need.

    Encrypting data at rest and in motion is much easier when using cloud technologies. Encryption is native to the cloud and doesn’t require third-party add-on applications like many on-premises solutions do.

  • Monitoring

    Cloud infrastructure monitoring software allows companies to visualize and track the performance of their cloud applications or services. Monitoring tools aggregate data in real-time to display information related to a company’s cloud-based resources. These tools can track application performance, network availability, and resource allocation, among other cloud-related factors. They are typically used by IT departments to ensure services are functioning optimally and securely while also ensuring no money is being spent unnecessarily.

Benefits we Deliver for Customer

  • Agility and Flexibility

    “Cloud agility” is often used to describe the ability to quickly develop, test, and launch business applications. But the cloud also gives you the agility to respond quickly as needs change.

    Even small businesses get access to the same powerful tools the biggest enterprises use. New services can be accessed with a few mouse clicks. When a new need, challenge, or opportunity arises, it’s possible to respond immediately.

    Business agility is key in the modern global economy. Having access to flexible, on-demand IT resources is crucial for keeping pace with competitors and rapidly changing industry dynamics. In the cloud, over 99% of what you need is available on-demand. Organizations don’t have to wait weeks or months for hardware components and installations. Instead, they can lease valuable capabilities directly from cloud providers and get to market much more quickly.

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