Turnkey Software Product Engineering


Turnkey Product development has its own specific risks, approaches, and the following characteristics:

  • Most often, it is small and medium projects, but sometimes there are big and very big Turnkey solutions.
  • A Turnkey product has a fixed cost and/or duration to be delivered.

When possible, we apply Agile methodologies to develop Turnkey products. But when it is not applicable, the team performs engineering using the Waterfall methodology. In such cases, instead of Agile backlog, Project Managers build a Gantt Chart and other Waterfall artifacts for the project.

We insist on having a detailed Discovery and Analysis phase before proceeding with the Turnkey solution. To mitigate risks and challenges in the project with unclear and ill-defined requirements.

Case Studies
The Platform for Extracting Features From LiDAR Data Decreased the Manual Processing Time by 60%
Collecting, Updating, Filling and Maintaining the POI Database for a Global Navigation Corporation
Field Data Collection Services and Build-in-Place Teams – 30k+ MI. Of North American Highways and 27k+ KM of Europe Surveyed in 3 Months
Precise Geofencing Improves Retail Business with Shoppers’ Behavior Analysis Inside Malls and on the Streets
Remotes In-Sourcing Team Significantly Enhanced Cloud Solution by Moving to Microservices and Elasticity
Redevelopment of an omnichannel eLearning Platform
Intetics Remote In-Sourcing Team Created and Supports One of the Biggest Health Portals in the USA, Serving 5m People a Year
Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team Scaled a Logistics Company Business to Transport Millions of Tons of Cargo Every Day
For 10+ Years, Intetics Operates the Specialized Data Processing Center To Expand the Global Footprint of the World Leader in the Mapping Industry
Disaster-Response Platform Helps Electric Power Holding Company Contain Costs up to 20%
Diabetes _ Glucose Monitoring Became Available for Everyone as a New Feature in a Mobile Application
Bookmaker Doubles Processing Speed of 5 Million Customer Queries with Automation by Intetics
Award-Winning Web-Based Education Platform from South Africa to Worldwide
A Navigation Company Expands Car Parking Coverage and Automates the Processes with a New Data Processing Platform
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