Perform Billing Operations In 3 Clicks With Thoughtful Automation Platform

Perform Billing Operations In 3 Clicks With Thoughtful Automation Platform


To create a web-based automation platform and related automated processes (bots) for performing billing tasks in the Central Reach system.


Intetics’s client, a US-based startup “Thoughtful Automation”, needed to develop its automation platform, which would allow launching bots in systems like SAP and Central Reach.

The automation platform should include a web application that would allow launching automated processes, transferring input parameters for the execution process, tracking the current process status in real-time, notify in case of exceptions, and store the information in the log journal.

Also, the Client needed the bot for performing billing operations in the Central Rich system. The bot should be resistant to errors and exceptions and increase employee work efficiency.

The client chose Intetics as a company with great experience, certified developers, and a large base of own know-how in the intelligent automation technology sector.


Based on the analysis of the requirements, specifications, business needs, and market, the Intetics team suggested the Client configure the bots with AWS Cloud infrastructure and develop some of them using the UiPath automation platform. By applying these technologies, the Client managed to achieve several milestones.

  1. Decreased employee effort
    Before automation, the Client’s billing department had to spend 10-15 min for each transaction. Now it takes 1 min and requires only entering the Client ID value and dates on the Thoughtful Automation web platform.
  2. Increased process speed
    As a bot performs actions faster than humans, the time for processing of one transaction decreased by more than 4 times.
  3. Advanced exception handling
    If any unexpected exceptions will occur during the process execution, the custom retry mechanism will be started for completing the unfinished steps. This feature allows avoiding random exceptions like network connection issues or Central Reach internal errors.
  4. Intuitive UI
    There is no need to provide complex training for users. Bots’ UI is simple to use and can provide a user with all the required information.
  5. Scalability
    Thoughtful Automation platform is very flexible for adding new bots. The current bot’s logic can be changed very fast without involving significant development resources with the help of custom architecture.

Intetics has been pivotal in getting Thoughtful Automation off the ground. Without their expertise, we would not have been able to launch our MVP for our first customer. Excellent RPA engineers and great to work with!

Benefits and Results

  • The solution was developed, tested, and pushed to production in less than 1 month.
  • The client was very satisfied with the solution quality and the following support strategy.
  • The client has reduced its billing department costs by 9 times.
  • Thoughtful Automation team was also provided with a demo video for marketing purposes.

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