Intetics Delivered an Innovative Online Platform for Brava LLC

Intetics Delivered an Innovative Online Platform for Brava LLC


Create a server application to track the treatment progress, revamp the website and build the customer support system.


Brava LLC a Miami based company, manufactures, markets, and distributes the only clinically proven, non-surgical system for body enhancement and shaping, faced the need of the technological system enhancement. Since the client’s lacked the necessary software engineering skills, the company was looking for a software development provider to cover the challenges. Brava LLC tapped Intetics for the technology skills, industry expertise, and the best approach to meet the challenges.


The Intetics team act as Brava’s IT partner, they were responsible for delivering solutions to various software challenges.

№1 Tracking the treatment progress

Brava created a controller box that collects and analyzes the data received from Brava clients wearing the shaping system. The box sent this information to the central server via a modem. For continuous tracking of the treatment progress, the client needed a server-side application. It would retrieve the information from multiple controller boxes and upload it to the server.

The Intetics team delivered the client a server-side application that handles connections and transfers data, stores them in the central database, and generate data reports. Client Private Area allows users viewing their progress data, statistical charts, and reports for specified periods of time. The entire system is controlled using Administrator Control Panel created specifically for the application.

№2 Revamp the website by enriching it with B2B and B2C capabilities

Brava wanted to deliver a complete information about the company and the product to clients. Using it, the client wanted to empower the customers’ feeling of safety, privacy, and reliability. They wanted the website to act as a platform where customers could learn how to communicate with Brava system, find a doctor in their area, and personally trace the process of body shaping.

Brava also wanted the website to be an information exchange tool that allows doctors receiving the information, communicate with their patients, control the treatment and order the product.

This challenge required creating a significant technological infrastructure.

Intetics designed a comprehensive presentation website with a variety of multimedia content about the company and Brava System. The team developed B2B and B2C components, including the proprietary BravaStorefront™ that automates operations for doctors, patients, and Brava employees.

№3 Build Customer Support, CRM, and Content Management systems to provide clients with the highest level of service

The complexity of the product and the rapidly growing customer database made the Brava team think of an effective and reliable customer support solution. The Brava marketing team needed an effective means of communication with clients like content delivery, instant messaging, voice recognition, usage statistics, and user behavior patterns analysis to provide quick and competent responses to customer requests.

The Intetics team developed and implemented the AskBrava™ helpdesk. It was a trouble ticket control system having a client-to-client and client-to-Brava instant messaging module that allowed clients to leave their messages during non-office hours. The system also had a website analysis module that provided usage statistics. To effectively manage the content, the Intetics team created a proprietary dynamic content management system – DynamicContent™. The Brava company still uses it to deliver the right information to customers.

“Brava LLC has had the pleasure of working with Intetics Inc. in the development of our new Brava system and Web site, We found their work to be superior in quality, timeliness, and in communicating our objectives.” Mr. Murat Kuru, Chief Engineering/Information Officer, Brava LLC.


Partnering with Intetics, Brava LLC received a new system that allowed the company to improve the delivery of company services and interaction with clients. Along with that, the integration of business processes and customer support into a single operating environment increased customer satisfaction reduced costs and resulted in the company revenue growth. The implementation of the system helped Brava LLC enhance their marketing efforts and achieve commercial success. After the system renewal, over 450,000 people (compared to the previous year) visited the company website. Along with that, BRAVA sold over 12,000 system units (compared to the previous year) and established seven company branches worldwide.

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