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Remote In-Sourcing® – New Business Model of Outsourcing

We Build Teams That Build Your Software

Intetics has been pioneering Offshore Dedicated Teams® (ODT) for a decade by delivering great work to some of the largest firms in the world. The knowledge and experience Intetics has acquired has enabled us to perfect a new approach that addresses fundamental issues with ODT and other outsourcing models. It’s based on delivering high quality and low cost outsourcing, without the risks and problems sometimes associated with outsourced resources.

Remote In-Sourcing® is a new business model. It’s an innovative business philosophy that goes beyond traditional ODT to establish a new value proposition in the outsourcing marketplace. Here’s how:

  • Higher Net Delivered Value – Intetics teams are extremely cost effective. More importantly, we don’t bill hourly or change order constantly. Your Intetics team works just like your own employees, so overtime is managed just like you do. Intetics teams consistently beat all quality and productivity measures, and we give that back to you in increased output, unlike other firms who retain it as profit.
  • Unparalleled Alignment and Control – Ramp up or ramp down to meet the needs of your business. We’d never think of cancellation penalties. Maintain absolute control over each resource, training, promotion, reassignment, etc. You get all the control of full-time employees with no cost risks. And, our resources are trained on your company and its objectives. They aren’t on a project. They’re Your Intetics Team.
  • Innovation Focused on Your Objectives – Other business models use methods and unique IP inventions to improve their own margins and train employees on their special techniques. ALL of the Intellectual Property used by your Intetics team is yours. You can use our methods more broadly so all your teams improve. Intetics teams are incented to innovate on your behalf, to be the best team you have, and to help you achieve your business objectives. We don’t measure them against Intetics objectives, we measure them against yours. So, your objectives become the sole focus of our attention.

See how Remote In-Sourcing® from Intetics stacks up against other approaches to give you greater overall value, more control, direct alignment with your organization, and innovation around your business objectives.

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