Offshore Dedicated Team® (ODT®)

subtitle icon A dedicated team of experts working to make your product a reality

It’s a well-known secret that successful products are built with technical expertise, but also with great user experience and well-tuned business logic.

Offshore Dedicated Team® is a progressive delivery model, where Intetics creates a dedicated team for your product, engaging the relevant software engineers and experts to achieve your product goals for the entire duration of your project. With this model, Intetics ODT is responsible for final delivery and results. We use the most relevant technology, processes and tools based on your product specifications and nothing else.

We’ve worked in almost every domain. In addition to technical excellence, our teams help you validate business models, build use cases, create superb user experiences, and engage stakeholders and communities. On top of that, the ODT® model employs a fixed-cost, all-inclusive pricing model, making your project easy-to-budget and a no-brainer from start to finish.

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