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Remote In-Sourcing® Philosophy

“Remote In-Sourcing® is a new business model and an innovative business philosophy. The meaning of these words is actually like they sound: Intetics creates and operates remote information technology teams which, on the business side, completely belong to a Client while remaining Intetics’ employees on the logistical and operational side. Those teams can be organized for software development, software testing, IT consulting, audits and assessments, systems integration, R&D, engineering, technical support, IT training, data processing, and back office support. A typical remote team is fully dedicated to the Client and acts as a direct extension of Client’s in-house staff.

The model is specially designed for small and medium size businesses to enable them to gain competitive advantages of globalization and global labor and service markets.

Remote In-Sourcing® is an unique offering, distinguished from a variety of similar sourcing models present on the market, by many factors including:

  • building a long term organization, not a project team;
  • 100% match of Client’s needs and resources provided, not a compromise between needs and past vendor experience;
  • permitted and even encouraged co-branding of team members;
  • a true partner relationship, not a client-vendor one;
  • building an effective organization armed by proper processes, not a simple staff augmentation service;
  • talking about Client’s business needs and strategic development, not a particular project or quick fix.

The model proved itself with dozens of companies from a variety of industries like Finance, Insurance, Education, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Logistics, Telecom, Retail and others.

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