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Offshore Dedicated Team®

Offshore Dedicated Team® is a unique business model developed and offered by Intetics. Offshore Dedicated Team® provides dedicated professional resources along with complete infrastructure and administrative services at one of our European Development Centers to work exclusively on the Client’s projects.

What we offer

It works like creation of a captive foreign unit but without all the legal and logistic hassles. Our Clients get their own remote IT department without the usual substantial investments, which can even be done under a fixed monthly budget, instead of a variable one. Our Clients know their people by name and face, participate in team member selection, and keep full control over the team at all times.

Altogether with our management consulting on proper team structure, local market conditions, human management, employee development, collaboration techniques, ISO-backed organizational processes and development technology, as well as continuous improvement through performance and quality monitoring and relationship governance, we create an offshore team that is a true extension of the Client’s in-house IT staff. This is one of the most efficient, convenient and flexible cooperation models possible in the industry today.

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