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Looking for an Innovative Solutions Partner to Launch your MedTech projects? Meet the Intetics Team at MedtecLIVE 2022

For more than 27 years, we have helped startups, SMBs, and leading healthcare providers to go digital.

Apart from continuous development and enrichment of our core competencies, it is vital for business success to participate in industry-shaping and remarkable events. MedtecLIVE 2022 is precisely one of them.

On May 3-5, in Stuttgart, European exhibitors and visitors from the biomedical engineering industry will discuss the hottest trends transforming the healthcare sector.

Why Visit MedtecLIVE?

The event program is full of diversified medical subjects, including current terms of regulation, intelligent medical devices, production automation, connectivity, and cybersecurity in medical technology, etc.

That is a great chance to uncover market innovations and insights, find out the industry opportunities and challenges, or discover an existing solution among the healthcare case studies in one place.

Are you Planning a Project in Healthcare but Lacking a Trusted Partner?

Intetics experts and their custom software healthcare solutions, will guide your company into the digital era.

Whether your challenge is to create a new product from the ground up or modify your existing solution, feel free to book a meeting with our representatives at MedtecLIVE.

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