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Diabetes & Glucose Monitoring Became Available for Everyone as a New Feature in a Mobile Application

Currently, there are approximately 460 million people with diabetes — and 50% of people are unaware that they even have it.

How is this possible?

It can be tricky to tell when your blood’s glucose level is higher than it should be. This happens when the body cannot effectively use insulin or the pancreas does not produce enough of this hormone. But without access to monitoring tools, hundreds of millions of people have no idea that there is something wrong with their glucose levels. 

And the number of unaware people will only keep growing — recent research estimates that there will be 700 million people with diabetes by 2045.

So, the question stands: how to make glucose monitoring more accessible to the average person?

This is what our client aimed to solve. To improve diabetes management, our client launched a project that involved integrating a new feature in a mobile application. The feature aims to monitor glucose levels in the blood and give everyone access to personalized knowledge of their current state. The idea had been in development since 2018, but the challenge required some reinforcements in the team. That is why the Client started to collaborate with the Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team.

During two years of cooperation, the dedicated team of 10 engineers, Java experts, and mobile developers has been working on a new module for the mobile app. The final product was launched at the beginning of 2021.

The implemented function enables blood’s glucose levels to be logged, imported, stored, displayed, and analyzed. Over 50,000 users have already tried this new feature and have left positive feedback. The number is growing due to the estimated 29 million people using the Client’s app worldwide.

Everyone is now able to track glucose levels in blood and observe its dynamic. This knowledge helps to analyze and revise old habits related to food and daily activity and lead a healthy life.


Project type: mobile application

Industry: Healthcare and Life sciences

Team size: 10

Cooperation: 2018 — 2021 

Technologies: Java / Spring / AWS / Microservices / Kotlin / Swift / Objective C / GSP / NoSQL / Big Data / Big query

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