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Custom Healthcare Software Solutions — Intetics Will Guide Your Healthcare Company Into the Digital Era

The healthcare industry is rapidly digitizing, with providers and patients alike experiencing profound benefits. Today’s healthcare landscape is penetrated by medical and administrative solutions that are enabled by the Internet of Things, Big Data, AI, and other innovative technologies.

Healthcare is going through a transformative shift, and if you don’t make a move soon, you’ll get left behind. 77% of patients are already booking medical appointments online, and 81% of healthcare executives are experiencing an accelerating pace of digital transformation. There has been a 300% rise in the push for telehealth in the last few years, so the support is certainly there: it’s not a trend — it’s an evolution.

Get Expert Guidance Throughout Your Digital Journey

If you’re ready to enjoy the competitive advantages that digital healthcare solutions can bring, look no further than Intetics. Here’s how we’ll bring your company up to speed:

  • First, we’ll assess the current state of digitization across your organization.
  • Second, we’ll work with you to define your digital transformation objectives in alignment with your business goals.
  • Next, we’ll outline a digital transformation map. You’ll know what to expect and when to expect it.
  • After the outline is ready, we’ll work with you to choose your technologies.
  • We’ll create the necessary software to meet your goals — or we can establish software partnerships on your behalf.
  • Lastly, we’ll empower and educate your staff on how to use the new systems.

Empower Your Business With Today’s Top Technologies

At Intetics, we can develop healthcare solutions powered by top technologies in any area of your choice:

  • Telemedicine & Virtual Workforce: We’ll set up high-tech call centers, create tech-enabled applications, and develop sophisticated tracking and measurement systems, all of which helps to reduce the cost of care.
  • AI & Intelligent Systems: Our team can modernize your legacy system or create one from scratch. Enjoy an ERP that automates manual processes, offers intelligent data management, and provides secure authentication.
  • AR/VR & Human Augmentation: Mixed reality enhances visualization for doctors during procedures, and this technology also has applications for pain management and at-home patient treatments. We’ll create solutions to help you deliver better services.
  • IoMT & Wearables: Intetics’ developers will create advanced parameter tracking devices (such as heart rate and body temperature monitors), along with embedded software, mobile apps, and Bluetooth connection firmware. Empower your patients with access to their own vital signs, and enable doctors to monitor patients at any time.
  • Data Science & Predictive Analytics: Your healthcare company generates a wealth of data, and we’ll help you put it to good use. Intetics can develop analytics systems for better staffing predictions, speech-to-text processing, and more.
  • Sales & CRM: We build AI-enabled systems that use edge computing to deliver experiences and insights the moment they’re needed.

Whether you’re completely digitizing your healthcare business or you just need a couple of new pieces of technology, Intetics is your supportive partner. Reach out today to learn how we can help your company carve out a spot at the top of the market. Get started now.

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