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Keywords: Data Analytics, Kano Analysis, Remote In-Sourcing 

Most startups fail, but this doesn’t mean you’re doomed. This White Paper examines the reasons why startups fail in the short & long term and provides ways to safeguard yourself against these risks. Learn about digital basics, data security, analytics, vendor specifications, and more. Below, you can find an overview of all topics presented in the White Paper. 

I. Introduction 

The White Paper opens by explaining why most startups fail, touching on pricing and cost issues, impatience, and a short-term view. Learn why it’s difficult to build a sustainable technology system and why finding a tech partner is an ideal solution.  

II. About Intetics 

Briefly learn about Intetics, the innovative company behind the White Paper. Get an overview of its proprietary business model, Remote In-Sourcing ®, as well as the provider’s in-depth engineering expertise. 

III. A Checklist for Information Systems in a New Company 

Work through this checklist to determine whether your startup’s information system is setting you up for success. The White Paper dives into digital basics (including high-speed internet, website, and emails), data security, email and communications, finance and accounting, and data analytics.  

IV. Working With a Technology Provider 

When outsourcing IT, it’s crucial to choose the right technology provider, especially if you’re a startup. Examine the 4 main steps you should take when partnering with a partner: making a careful decision, signing an SLA, developing trust, and enabling rich communication.   

V. A Checklist for Working With a Technology Partner 

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts for working with a technology partner. Is it okay to settle for lower quality if the price is more affordable? How should SLAs be written? Find out in the list! Then, work through questions that you should ask your provider, ranging from their delivery capability and resources to how long they can help you with the project.  

VI. Bonus Tool: Kano Analysis 

The White Paper concludes with an explanation of Kano Analysis, a worksheet that helps you identify whether a product’s feature is crucial or wasteful. Learn about the 5 classifications, and find questions that will help you determine whether to keep or delete a feature.  

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