Finding the right Outsourcing Partner

In order to find the right outsourcing partner for your business, you will need to make sure that you take enough time to really do your research, so you can see which companies you will have to choose from. Before you go ahead and make a final decision on a certain company to partner with, you will have to make some carefully placed phone calls. You will need to take the time to see which companies know a lot about the industry that you are in, because this is a must.

Another important thing to do when you are going about looking for a good outsourcing partner is to approach the phone calls you make to various companies as job interviews, asking all the right questions; this way you will get a good sense as to what each company is all about. Before you choose any company in particular as your outsourcing partner, you will also need to make sure that you have a clear mission statement for your own business. Once you have come up with a mission statement, you will be able to share it with each company that you are thinking about partnering with, so you will have something to discuss with them.

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Intetics Inc. is an expert in creation and operation of effective distributed technology teams aimed at software product development, IT support, quality assurance and data processing. Based on a proprietary business model of Remote In-Sourcing®, advanced Quality Management Platform and measurable SLAs, Intetics enables IT rich, innovative organizations to capitalize on available global talent and Intetics’ in-depth engineering expertise. Our core know-how is rooted in design of software products within conditions of incomplete specifications.

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