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We work with wearable devices created for:

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    Well-being and health maintenance
    • Physical activity and weight control
    • Mental status monitoring and stress detection
    • Fall prevention
    • Sports medicine (workloads monitoring, disease detection during workout)
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    Smart cities
    • Traffic and pedestrians movement monitoring
    • Parking checks by police service
    • Bikes and car sharing
    • Immediate connection with rescue services, fire alarms

We work with wearable devices created for:

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    Patient management
    • Commercial portable sensors and devices in the emergency medical services
    • Chronic conditions management (heart disorders, diabetes care etc.)
    • Home-based rehabilitation systems
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    Industrial safety
    • Ensure safe distance and damage prevention from accidents, collisions with vehicles, unauthorized operation of machines

We can help you with:

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    Embedded software for different wearable optimized IoT microcontrollers

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    Tailored software development to track wide range of parameters (heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, glucose, posture, physical activities) and gait assessment

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    Big data analysis and processing, integrating multimodal and multiscale big health data from wearable sensors to determine patterns

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    Biometric fingerprinting, facial and voice recognition

How do we create software for wearable devices?

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    AI/machine learning algorithms for preventative detection and clinical decision-making

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    Bluetooth connection firmware

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    Mobile applications connected to a wearable device

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    Payment integrations with 3rd party providers and various merchants and more

  • Your wearable can be attached to shoes, eyeglasses, earrings, clothing, gloves and watches or it may evolve to be skin-attachable devices. Sensors can be embedded into the environment – chairs, clothes, car seats, mattresses etc.

Benefits of wearables:

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    Can directly impact clinical decision making

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    Can be used for scientific discovery, based on generated big data. May help to reveal dependencies and build predictions with AI techniques

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    Can improve the quality of patient care

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    Can reduce the cost of care, such as patient rehabilitation outside of hospital

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