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AI and ML Center of Excellence was created to help you find a solution to your bold technological ideas.

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Rockstar technology stack to launch your project

We consolidated knowledge about technologies, unique project experiences, efficient approaches and best practices.

Let’s teach your software think, analyze, predict, recognize and speak!

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This how your machine will learn

    • Collect raw data
    • Identify feature and label sources
    • Select a sampling strategy
    • Split the data
    • Explore and clean your data
    • Feature engineering

Transform your business with Intetics expertise

Recognize and Use Anything with Artificial Intelligence
  • Image recognition

    Continuously improve and monitor the performance of your applications. Provide feedback easily.

  • Language recognition

    Leverage speech opportunities of your software.

  • Computer vision

    Harness opportunities of video monitoring.

Apply Machines to Real Cases as Our Clients Did

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    Scent recognition and analysis

    Deliver exceptional experience to your users.

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    Price Prediction

    Create comfortable shopping environment.

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    Medical & laboratory data processing

    Facilitate data usage. Increase diagnosis accuracy.

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    Emotion Recognition

    Gauge reaction to campaigns, products, services and content.

Smart AI Means Smart Data & Content

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    Data Visualization

    Data can be easy. Improve your data experience.

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    Data Anomaly Detection

    Identify unexpected items or events in data sets.

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    Detection of Unacceptable Content

    Create safe and secure environment.

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    Preference Systems

    Provide your users with the content they like.

AI and ML Center of Excellence Cases

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Machine Learning Algorithm to Recognize Human Emotions

Development and Support of The Cloud-Based Multi-functional Platform for Editorial Management

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Scent Recognition Mobile App for NanoScent

Single Platform Productivity for Construction Professionals to Manage Projects, Actions, Documents and Notifications

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How Medicine And Technology Change (And Save) Lives

Collecting, Updating, Filling and Maintaining the POI Database for a Global Navigation Corporation

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