Predictive Software Engineering (PSE)

subtitle icon A transparent product development process that leaves you without questions

Our product development process is unique in that it ensures transparency, manageability and reliability. We want to make software engineering predictive.

For that, we created PSE:

A development framework that addresses major custom software development bottlenecks based on 7 major principles to deliver maximum value.

01 Meaningful Customer
03 Proven Productivity 05 Disciplined Agile Delivery process 07 Sound Human Development
02 Transparent End-to-End Control 04 Efficient Distributed
06 Measurable Quality Management and Technical Debt Reduction
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Software Development Done by Experts

subtitle icon Your Business is More Than Software.
Let us worry about one piece, so you have time for everything else
& Finance
Team, HR
& Legal
& Marketing
Your Benefits with Offshore Dedicated Team®
  • Dedicated development team, with relevant skills for your project
  • Most efficient development process guaranteed (environment, processes, communication, tools)
  • Zero initial investment to form a team and development environment
  • Great quality and outstanding user experience baked into your software
  • Leverage a vast pool of software engineering talent and mature software development methodology
  • Free up your time to focus on growing your business
  • Easy-to-budget fixed cost per team, plus flexibility for ongoing changes
  • 20-40% cost savings with 90%+ team member retention rate
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Domains of Expertise to Match Your Use Case

subtitle icon With 27 years of development experience, we’ll ensure your product is a success
  • Choose Your Subject COMPETENCES Our competences range from AI/ML, Data and Geospatial services to QA and Test automation
  • Choose Your Industry INDUSTRIES We’ve serviced over
    17 industries.
    From A to Z
  • Choose Your Technical Puzzle SOLUTIONS We’ve built hundreds
    of solutions of varying complexity
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Is Offshore Dedicated Team® Right for Me?

Offshore Dedicated Team® is Right for you when you:

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    Build a quality product

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    Entrust software engineering to experts with minimal input from you

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    Develop an idea with incomplete specifications

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    Create a software product with limited resources

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    Leverage domain expertise in addition to technical development

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    Utilize a transparent and reliable software engineering process

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    Reduce time spent on team formation, software development processes establishment, and configuration management

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