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“AI should be doing this for me!” Sam exclaimed, “We’d be a market leader!” But, after seeing salaries of AI teams, almost gave up hope. That changed when they found Intetics, who brought their systems into the 21st+ century.

Transform your business through leading digital technologies and innovative technical talent. Get optimized business results, new channels for profitability increases, and enhanced customer excitement with new technology products and services which lead to a competitive advantage and much higher value of your company. Capitalize on our Centers of Excellence of Cloud and DevOps, Data Science and Big Data, Machine Learning and AI, Internet of Things, CX/UI/UX design, Geospatial, GIS and LBS solutions, UAV/drones, Low Code, Chatbots and Conversational Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and more.

All-Things-Digital: Modernize Your Business

Not just software, but predictable software engineering results

Don’t Wait to Go Extinct

If your software looks, feels and runs like it’s 1999 it’s time for an upgrade
Start Your Digital Transformation
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  • Optimized Business Results
  • New revenue channels
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Leverage Intetics Centers of Excellence
    to gain access to latest advancements
    in emerging tech

We follow the latest technologies and know how to integrate them with your existing systems so you don’t have to – including AI/ML, geospatial data and GIS, RPA, chatbots, blockchain, drones, internet of things and much more. All these technologies can be leveraged to enhance your business, drive new revenue channels and transform your customer experience.

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Why Trust Your Digital to Intetics?

We live and breathe digital. We’ll be your long-term partner to ensure your digital transformation is complete.

Following the latest digital trends is not your job – but it is ours. If you are thinking about how artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent automation, blockchain, and geospatial technologies can transform your business, start with a consultation with us. We not only encourage our software development experts to explore new ideas within Intetics, we can directly apply their expertise, insights, and ideas to driving more value for our customers.

Intetics Centers of Excellence
Intetics employs some of the brightest minds in computer science and digital tech. They know what latest trends are relevant and how they apply to technology – that’s why we created Centers of Excellence where all our employees can apply their skills and work on passion projects – findings from which we can directly apply to solve our client digital transformation challenges.

of Excellence
New Era
in Your

Digital Transformation
Digital transformation doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. If you have a team of experts who not only know latest tech trends but also how to implement them, then bringing your systems back online to compete in tomorrow’s world becomes a breeze.

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Intetics Centers of Excellence

Where Innovative Software Ideas Come to Life

Intetics employs some of the brightest minds in computer science and digital tech. Our engineers know and live the latest trends in technology.

To nurture their ideas and experiment and expand them into real products internally and externally, Intetics created Centers of Excellence, where any employee can engage on topics and technologies of interest.

Our Centers of Excellence include developing expertise and technical innovation for cloud advancements and DevOps, data science and big data, machine learning and AI, Internet of Things, UI/UX design, Geospatial and LBS solutions, UAV/drones, low code, chatbots and conversational intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA) and more.

By partnering with Intetics, our clients have access to not just our core services, but also to our domain-specific expertise, which many have leveraged to transform their systems and become leaders in their markets.

of Excellence
New Era
in Your Business
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The All-Things-Digital Advantage

To grow tomorrow, you have to plant the seeds today.
Let us elevate you to the right ground.

The pace of technology is astounding. There are so many different aspects of technology that can cost you an experience, a customer, a chance to make a sale.

To help our clients get on the right course to digital transformation to compete in the digital jungle of tomorrow, we keep track of the latest trends and make every effort to advance the technologies not only through industry insights, but also by developing innovative solutions of our own.

By leveraging latest technologies and integrating innovations into your existing systems, you can gain access to innovative solutions with minimal investment to realize better customer experience and new revenues.

New tech w/minimal investment
Better Customer Experience
New Revenues
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Emerging Tech To Transform Your Business

With 25+ years of development experience, we’ll ensure your digital transformation stays on track
  • Cloud & DevOps

    Leverage latest developer trends like CI/CD, APIs and Cloud Native

  • Chatbots & Conversational Intelligence

    Supercharge how your sales and support teams interact with clients

  • Low Code Platforms

    Simplify and build products for business and non-technical users

  • Intelligent Automation

    Supercharge sales and support teams with strategic conversations

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Upgrade your applications to being smart with AI & ML

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Stop doing the boring, pointless tasks and get back to what actually matters for your business.

  • Data Science, Big Data & Data Operations

    Get real results from all your data with effective data management and real-time insights

  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Edge Solutions

    Make your gadgets smart and operational wherever your customers are using your solutions

  • Geospatial, GIS & LBS Solutions

    Visualize, process, and analyze geospatial data efficiently & rely on geospatial experts at the same time

  • UAV & Drones

    See your business from above, below and everywhere in between – in real time and without hassle

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Is All-Things-Digital Right for Me?

You’re ready for digital transformation if you want to:

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    Bring your systems into the 21st century

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    Leverage from new technologies and processes like AI/ML, chatbots, data science, IoT, and geospatial intelligence

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    Develop new competitive advantages and sources of revenue

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    Improve customer experience

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    Benefit from digital transformation without needing to hire a team for every new buzzword

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