Order Processing Management System for Distributors

Order Processing Management System for Distributors


To enhance and modernize the ordering system of a major optical lens manufacturer to improve their order process and strengthen their existing distributor network.


The award-winning lens manufacturer needed to improve an existing desktop application used by opticians for customization and ordering of ophthalmic spectacle lenses. Opticians would evaluate their patients’ needs and order the exactly specified lenses directly from the manufacturer. To retain and attract more opticians to their products, the manufacturer wanted a modern application with interactive user experience and attractive userinterface. They also wanted to include compatibility with other peripheral optical devices. The system was to be used by a network of 800 optical professionals to complete customized lens orders. The existing distributor database of optical practitioners also had to be seamlessly and efficiently migrated to the new system, without disrupting operations.


The lens manufacturer chose Intetics because of its technical expertise and optimal cost to make the lens-ordering process more efficient and reliable. To cover the entire cycle of the patient-optician-manufacturer supply chain, Intetics built a custom system, called the Lens Configuration System, to manage the distributor-manufacturer relationships and orders processing. The system worked in the following way: each optician received a password-protected access to a mobile-friendly web-based member area of the system. The system allowed users to configure lenses from the manufacturer’s entire product line. They could use interactive forms to define lens configuration and, if necessary, connect peripheral devices that measure specific patient parameters. The configured order was then automatically submitted to the lens manufacturer for production. The optician could track the status of the order and see the expected delivery date. They could also easily make a copy of the order if the patient needed another pair of the same lenses. Depending on the optician’s preference, they could store full patient data with the order (name, address, email) or use a patient ID, which referred them back to their own CRM system. The system could also automatically email patients on behalf of the optician. The optician used the system to send emails with new product offerings and reminders for the next purchases. The emails were prepared by the lens manufacturer and branded with the optician’s logo and address, making it an easy and a very efficient tool for increasing optician’s sales.


By working with Intetics, the lens manufacturer received an app that improved their relationship with their optician distribution network and streamlined their product order process. The app resulted in the manufacturer receiving higher number of orders, optimized the cost and speed of order processing, reduced number of errors in orders and overall attracted more distributors to their products. These benefits were a direct consequence of a well-developed app. The system created a better ordering experience and reduced number of errors from manual ordering. It reduced the number of orders received via fax and emails, while making orders from those channels more accurate. It also made ordering easy on mobile devices and was compatible with many POS terminals. The system created a significant competitive advantage for the manufacturer, as opticians using the application experienced significantly faster online order placement, ability to track orders, easy re-order process, as well as marketing assistance in the form of automated e-mail communications with their patients. This led to more orders placed by the practitioners. Intetics successfully deployed the system without disrupting the work flow of the client’s network and continues to implement new innovative features for the Client.

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