Business Processes Automation for a Healthcare Call Center

Business Processes Automation for a Healthcare Call Center


Automate a number of business processes and move from paper-based to digital document management


The client, a Florida based healthcare call center and answering service provider, faced the challenge of automation the existing system to facilitate call data collection and analysis. The client’s call center included over 60 operators, working in the frame of an established intranet environment and handing an average of 3 million calls each year. Their intranet sites required optimization in some of the business processes. The client realized that they needed an IT partner to outsource the solution to. They turned to Intetics because of its wide experience in providing task-driven solutions in the healthcare industry.


There were the following areas requiring automation:

  •  converging callers personal records into one centralized database;
  • creating intranet resources to enable call center operators to capture electronic data for the following call reasons: clinical trial participation, doctor referral, registering for a medical event;
  • creating tools to review call data reports both via a browser and via regular email;
  • creating a permission model to provide an adequate access level to call center operators, supervisors and for representatives of external clients outsourcing call center function.

To fulfill the needs of the client, Intetics has designed an internal portal implementing several business processes in need of automation. It was designed with the further extension in mind so that new resources could be added as easily, as existing ones could be changed or removed. The portal was implemented in a secure intranet environment and was remotely deployed and tested before launch. Our solution was successfully implemented by the company’s analysts to adjust the existing system and create a number of questionnaires for call center representatives to optimize their workflow. The portal helped call center operators to accept calls on several target call reasons, guide the caller through the questionnaires and easily collect all data in digital form.

Technologies Utilized

  • .Net Framework 1.1;
  • Visual Studio 2005.


The portal was launched and became a primary tool for call center operators. The portal reporting capabilities were used by supervising staff for reviewing and analyzing the caller’s data. The intranet portal became an innovative solution that helped the client stay a leading Florida healthcare answering service. As a pleasant bonus, its leading positions in the nearshore market helped the company be featured on a local TV channel that broadened its audience and became more popular on the regional level.

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