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Risk Mitigation in Outsourcing

outsource development

Outsourcing evolution and history is a tricky topic because of the many inconsistencies accorded to the topic over the years. In a latest article published in July 2013 by IAOP’s Pulse Magazine, Intetics summarizes the history of outsourcing, clearing up some of the confusions, while also examining the evolution of sourcing models to meet the demands of the industry. The full article can be found in our White Papers section.

The article examines the way in which outsourcing providers develop innovative sourcing models to meet the rising client demand for risk mitigation and improved service quality. Published in the Knowledge Center of IAOP’s Pulse Magazine, the article was written by Boris Kontsevoi and Diana Kontsevaia. It first reviews the history of outsourcing, and then situates one of the latest sourcing models, Remote In-sourcing, as the new innovative extension of traditional insourcing and outsourcing models.