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Looking back to improve the future

A glimpse into the past can show how to improve the future. In a recent article published by BPM Watch, Intetics clarifies the historical development of outsourcing business models and explains the natural evolution towards the Remote In-sourcing model. Remote In-sourcing was developed to satisfy clients’ need for innovation and cost efficiency. It was created to mitigate risk associated with traditional outsourcing models. Read why it’s the latest Emerging Outsourcing Trend here.

Remote In-sourcing is the latest innovative outsourcing business model that offers remote dedicated teams, which are built to fit the client’s needs. The remote teams work intimately with the client’s in-house staff (in-sourcing), but are located remotely to maximize cost efficiency for the client. The model solves the problems of talent search and high costs, while promoting innovation and eliminating traditional outsourcing risks such as additional training costs or talent flight. Check out the full article here.