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GSA UK Announced the Winners of the 2021 Professional Awards

The Global Sourcing Association’s (GSA) Strategic Sourcing Awards ceremony is the way to recognize outsourcing industry leaders! 

This year, GSA UK ran its 18th annual international award to celebrate best practices and practitioners in strategic sourcing. The 2021 GSA UK Awards virtual ceremony was held on March 25th, in which the Association officially announced the winners. 
This time Intetics made the shortlist again, entered the list of finalists, and participated in 5 categories: 

  • Business Services Project of The Year 
  • Innovation in Strategic Sourcing 
  • Transformation Project of The Year 
  • Digital Project of the Year 
  • International Project of The Year 

GSA UK Professional Awards is a great event committed to recognizing those individuals and companies that work tirelessly in setting higher standards for the industry. It’s an effective platform to broaden the network and boost the company’s brand across the strategic sourcing community. We, at Intetics, were proud to be among the elite of the industry. Participating in the GSA UK Professional Awards was a valuable experience for us. It showcased Intetics’s expertise and proved our credentials. Our company was represented by Boris Kontsevoi, CEO and President at Intetics: 

“GSA Awards are very important for us. We’re very grateful to be a part of it. It’s a great event committed to recognizing those individuals and companies that work tirelessly in setting higher standards for the industry. We’ll continue to shape the state of the global sourcing industry. 

We’re proud to be a company that takes outsourcing to the next level! With Remote In-Sourcing® – a new business model and an innovative business philosophy – we build teams that build the Client’s software. Intetics creates and operates remote information technology teams, which, on the business side, completely belong to the Clients while remaining Intetics’ employees on the logistical and operational side. Those teams can be organized for software development, software testing, IT consulting, audits and assessments, systems integration, R&D, engineering, technical support, IT training, data processing, and back-office support. Remote in-sourcing® goes beyond traditional dedicated teams to establish a new value proposition in the outsourcing marketplace. 

Many thanks for recognizing our efforts and the opportunity to participate in such a global-scale event! 

About Intetics 

Intetics, Inc. is a leading global technology company that provides custom software application development, distributed professional teams, software product quality assessment, and “all-things-digital” solutions built with SMAC, RPA, AI/ML, IoT, blockchain, and GIS/UAV/LBS technologies. Based on proprietary pioneering business models of Offshore Dedicated Team and Remote In-Sourcing®, an advanced Technical Debt Reduction Platform (TETRA), and measurable SLAs for software engineering, Intetics helps innovative organizations capitalize on global talent with our in-depth engineering expertise based on the Predictive Software Engineering framework. 

About GSA UK 

The Global Sourcing Association (GSA) is the industry association and professional body for the global sourcing industry, and it’s the home of the Global Sourcing Standard. Its overriding objective is the ongoing development and dissemination of the Standard and supporting portfolio to improve the benefits, positive reputation, and subsequent size of the global sourcing industry. The GSA also serves to share best practices, trends, and connections across the globe – and to bring the global community together in a wholly interactive manner for the first time. The Global Sourcing Association UK, also known as GSA-UK, was formerly known as the National Outsourcing Association in the UK.