Dedicated Software Development Teams

Dedicated Development Team

Get an A-team when and where you need it

Enjoy your software, while leaving production and maintenance to a development team of software experts. If you’re looking for dedicated tech talent, growing beyond your local capabilities or have little interest in building a software development department, the Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT®) is the perfect solution.

Offshore Dedicated Teams deliver the perfect mix of flexibility, scalability and ability. Design software products as your business develops, scale your team as you see fit, and work with brilliant individuals. We create the team based on your requirements and goals.

Don’t worry about anything other than building your business. We provide the infrastructure and administration for your dedicated software development team in our Development Centers.

No more late product launches, slow growth and high infrastructure costs.

This model is ideal if you:

  • Have your own in-house team that needs rapid expansion or additional technical expertise.
  • Need a software development partner with an adaptable business model.
  • Do not want to build a software department, but need dedicated software engineers.
  • Use software development processes and procedures that need to be followed to-the-T.
  • Have experience with development teams and want different sourcing, regional and technical options.

Advantages of an Intetics Dedicated Software Development Team

  • Versatility

    Brings together people with various qualifications and specializations.
  • Speed

    The core team is assembled and trained quickly – often ready to start work in 2-3 weeks!
  • Continuity

    Integrated with your internal teams and infrastructure.
  • Efficiency

    As the team grows it achieves maximum productivity with the right size, knowledge and skills.
  • Dedication

    The same team of people (yes, you’re going to know their names) working only on your project.

Benefits of working with Intetics

  • 1. Preparation

    Identify competency and qualification requirements, plan team size and structure
  • 2. Setup

    Setup core team, environment and tools
  • 3. Launch

    Start working on project tasks, adapt knowledge and communication
  • 4. Expansion

    Add specialists according to original growth plan, share knowledge with new members
  • 5. Operation

    Expand the team to planned size, reach maximum productivity


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Dedicated Teams are a true extension of the Client’s in-house IT staff. By employing this model, our clients have experienced 40-60% cost reduction, faster time to market, better quality software and higher revenues.

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