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Bookmaker Doubles Processing Speed of 5 Million Customer Queries With Automation by Intetics

Intetics engineers helped the world’s leading bookmaker improve data processing and increase an outdated system’s performance 2x.

Key Features:

  • Fully reworked the existing system and improved the performance by a minimum of 2x
  • Launched the first version of the new system within one year
  • Improved system’s scalability and flexibility to successfully withstand even five million customer queries per day


Hi-Tech and Software Platforms (Gambling Software)

Team Size

20+ specialists, including Project Manager, Scrum Master, System Analyst, Team Leads, .NET Developers, JavaScript Developers, QA Engineers


C#, .NET Core, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, HTML5, AWS, React, Selenium, JavaScript, Web API, Webpack, xUnit

Business Challenge

Our client is one of the world’s leading betting and gaming enterprises, who tops the retail bookmaking market in the UK, Ireland, and Belgium – where the company operates several betting shops. Besides this, it also operates betting facilities at FA Premiership grounds and racecourses, including Ascot. Considering the scope of betting facilities under operation, the bookkeeper had to process huge flows of data daily, which was a challenge for the client’s existing system.

Firstly, data procession was partially done manually, which slowed the process down, resulting in inconsistency and mistakes and, consequently, plummeting customer service. The risk of losing customers in a highly competitive business environment urged the bookkeeper to automate some processes to boost effectiveness. In particular, this applied to data synchronization, information exchange between retail stores and the server, and digitalization of hand-completed forms – the data from which needed to be converted into barcodes.

All these features couldn’t be added to the old, inefficient platform that lacked flexibility and scalability. Apart from that, the system that was built on old technologies was hard to scale and support, which urged the client to outsource a reliable R&D team. With several failed attempts of cooperation with third-party vendors, the client decided to entrust all the processes to Intetics.

Our main challenge was to set up a custom R&D team that is capable of supporting and rebuilding the bookkeeper’s system. The team not only needed to set up a new scalable infrastructure but also to ensure flawless performance so that the system can easily process a constant flow of queries 24/7, 365 days a year. Moreover, we had to ensure the new platform meets the highest level of security requirements.

Solution Delivered

Intetics mobilized a team of 20+ professionals that perfectly met the client’s requirements. A project manager, a Scrum Master, a system analyst, several team leads, as well as .NET developers, JavaScript developers, and QA engineers, who engaged in the project from the first day of cooperation.

The aligned cooperation between team members, together with relevant expertise and hands-on professional experience, allowed us to show the first results rather fast. The first version of the system was delivered within a year. After that, we continued to work on the platform’s improvement, maintenance, and support, to increase its effectiveness and ensure flawless performance.

Automated Query Processing

Digitalization of hand-completed forms significantly boosted productivity by speeding up the query processing time. Intetics developed an automated customer query system that digitalized hand-completed forms and converted the data into barcodes. Automated reading of betting tickets allowed the client to digitalize manual processes, thus saving valuable employee time and reducing inaccuracies driven by manual data input.

Data Synchronization

With the 3,000 remote store locations, each processing piles of data daily, Intetics had to build a reliable infrastructure that could deliver centralized data synchronization. We set up automated data sharing, synchronization, and information exchange.

This facilitates retail stores management, allowing the client to:

  • Access all the data from a single place, which speeds the operations up, enables the delivery of better service, and provides scalability opportunities.
  • Manage all the queries more effectively, reducing the risk of duplicates and inaccuracies.

System’s Migration to .NET

Since the existing system was based on old technologies, our dedicated team had to set up a new tech stack and successfully implement it. Considering the fact that the client is delivering retail bookkeeping services both by phone and the Internet, the .NET migration was the best option.

It allows enhanced scalability and flexibility for launching a great user interface, smooth data access, database connectivity, and network communications, as well as setting up backend algorithms and web application development. All these provide an opportunity to expand the number of built-in features that drive meaningful business outcomes for a client.

Business Outcome

As a competent dedicated team, Intetics managed to quickly engage in the client’s project and promptly fulfill all the tasks with the highest quality. We have successfully updated the tech stack and rebuilt the bookkeeper’s system by implementing the latest technologies that deliver fast operations and flawless performance. Such a system is stable and is capable of withstanding high volumes.

Moreover, a new automated platform with centralized information synchronization has significantly improved the operations and has driven the following business effects:

  • Net revenue increase by 29% thanks to doubled processing time speed
  • Flexible facilitated management of 3,000 remote store locations
  • No volume limit in terms of queries procession, with the system’s ability to effortlessly handle 5 million customer queries daily

Thanks to our deep expertise and hands-on experience, the bookkeeper could focus on its core business, while Intetics took care of engineering and cutting-edge digital solutions. The custom dedicated team happened to be a reliable R&D partner that completed the integration smoothly and efficiently. As a result, the client didn’t fall back on its regular business operations and received an updated automated system with expanded functionality based on advanced technologies.

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