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The List of 2022 Best Software Development Companies in Education, Spotlight by Intetics at the 1st Place

Today we celebrate 1st place in the listing of best software development companies in education 2022 conducted by the OnlineDegree project, addressing the issues of higher education’s affordability and keeping students on a proper collegiate path. They aim to promote non-traditional ways to make students’ online degrees and college accessible.

Pushing new interactive learning experiences is totally mainstream. The rise of distant learning and the popularity of IT and other online jobs courses accumulated the boom of education and eLearning software demand. Statista Research Department forecasts the global eLearning market to reach almost 400 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. There is also an evident increase in the need for learning management systems or LMS.

Despite the market presence of out-of-the-box education software solutions, often there comes up a need to develop a customized system with unique features to outrun the competitors. The most challenging task here is to find a reputable software development partner. 

There comes a rating by OnlineDegree as a perfect starting place: browse the best software developers in the education sector.

The Intetics team is proud to be among the leaders. We impact the digital transformation of the education sector by helping our clients develop education IT solutions: virtual learning environment platforms, adaptive learning solutions, remote access and productivity systems, and school administration software. 

Do you want to jump this apparent trend? Kick-start your Education and eLearning app development project now!