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June 13, 2013, by qwr

Building successful teams that produce significant results and work without difficulty is a core requirement in any project (and the dream of every top level executive). Yet, to create a professional working team it is first important to design an efficient and flexible infrastructure that allows the team to complete their work from day one. In an article published in Geoconnexion International in June 2013, Intetics sheds light on how to create award-winning and agile development infrastructure.

The article discusses the best practices and requirements of building a successful data processing infrastructure, which begins and ends with creating a well-working team. Teams created under the Remote In-sourcing business model allow seamless and flexible expansion of the team and its knowledge, while also ensuring that quality work is completed from day one. The article draws on knowledge gained while working for an international mapping company. Read the full article in our White Papers & Articles section.

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