Future Prospects for IT Talent and Innovation

June 11, 2015 White Papers

Technologies evolve fast, and who better to ask about industry changes than the executives who see it everyday? Early in 2013, CIO Review conducted a great number of interviews with leading CIOs across the world to assess future technological challenges and to document possible solutions and innovation opportunities. Joining the conversation, Boris Kontsevoi explains how Remote In-Sourcing can address two main pain points of today’s CIOs: talent availability at affordable cost.

Biggest Challenge for CIOs

The challenge of most CIOs these days is to deliver quality, innovative work within their budgets. They are facing constant budget cuts and adjustments, while also constantly having to do more with their IT sectors. It is no longer enough to just keep up with the latest technology; CIOs have to ensure that they are providing their companies with cutting edge applications and latest software systems – otherwise their companies will be left behind in the dust. We have talented people who develop the sorts of systems for advancement that CIOs are looking for without burning through their budget. So, Intetics can address two main pain points of today’s CIOs:talent availability at affordable cost.

Who Are Your Customers?

We target small to mid-size companies who need to build or improve their IT or engineering departments. IT & software have become very important for so many businesses that we are now doing
projects in almost every industry. Within these companies it’s usually the C-level executives who will make the call to outsource some of their projects. The exact person varies because it could be
the CIO or CEO, but it could also be the Project Manager.

What is your Customer Value Proposition?

Based on our proprietary model of Remote In-Sourcing, Intetics builds IT teams and software development and engineering organizations for other companies. The teams behave as a direct and an integral extension of the client’s in-house staff. Such teams will complete technology advancement projects such as application development, systems integration or new R&D projects, and will
do so with a higher level of expertise and cost-efficiency than most outsourcing vendors.

How Your Products/Solutions Has Benefited Your Customers?

Our main service is quite simple: we will not take people away from our client’s team. The main benefit of having such a dedicated team is that they can actually deliver a higher quality product in a shorter amount of time and our clients can always rely on having the people they need.

Vision of Intetics behind Their Products and Themes

Intetics aims at providing the best possible software development teams to our clients. We build remote IT units but we also customize the partnership based on what the client wants. If they
need just one project done that’s fine, we can do that. But if they are looking for a long-term partner and want the security of working with people who know their projects, know their company culture, and know their goals -we can do that as well. That is why Remote In-Sourcing was invented in the first place.

How is your Competitive Landscape?

In our model, resources completely belong to the client and behave just like their employees in every way, while Intetics takes on the headaches and downside risks. Because of this approach, clients can leverage the power of high quality and low cost without the usual risks and problems. Remote In-Sourcing is a unique offering, distinguished from a variety of similar
sourcing models existing today. There are some vendors who will offer a similar service, but very few go as far as to guarantee that the right people with the right skills will never be taken from
their project and begin work for another client instead. Intetics really goes that extra mile to ensure the perfect engineer match and team dedication.

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