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    Powered with over a decade of .Net development experience, Intetics creates first-class business applications for global clients. We invest extensive resources in R&D to fill the needs of our clients and empower them with multi-functional solutions to boost their business processes. Among the solutions we deliver are:

    • Performance tracking applications
    • Reporting and analysis systems
    • Data processing systems
    • Human Resources web management solutions
    • Procurement solutions
    • Migration from legacy technologies (e.g. Visual Basic / VB) to .NET

    The Web development company wanted to expand their offering with a brand new group and enterprise messaging platform for mobile, laptop and desktop devices. They wanted expertise and cost-efficiency, but their internal IT capabilities had to remain focused on their current services. They needed rapidly scalable technical capability and capacity. The company searched for a team of software engineers able to efficiently and quickly take their innovative concept and turn it into a commercially viable product. Intetics provided a team of software engineering experts dedicated to this project. Intetics developers immediately began close cooperation with the client’s designers, and eventually took over the entire technical side of the project. Maintaining open communication with the client’s in-house staff throughout the project, Intetics engineers developed the web and mobile applications and began work on a desktop extension.

    Intetics’s client, OIA global company, a global supply chain management leader, delivering client a unique combination of global logistics, packaging and material sourcing solutions, decided to enrich its proprietary customer order management solution with new functionality. To ensure the on-time delivery of the updated solution, the company needed more engineers with the expertise in the development of the logistics software. The client approached Intetics with the request to ramp up a team.

    Intetics’s Client is a US-based eCommerce company committed to delivering working families access to great brands in household appliances and electronics at affordable prices. At a stage of the concept realization, the Client faced the challenge of developing a solution from scratch, turn their innovative concept into a commercially viable product and launch it to the market in 3-4 months. Having extensive experience and portfolio including similar projects, Intetics offered the vision for platform development. The Client agreed to choose us to deliver the solution.

    UK’s bookmaker company manages 5 million customer orders a day. Their existing system was falling behind, as it was built using old technologies that were hard to scale. The system was becoming slow, increasingly hard to support, and it was difficult to add new functionalities.

    The bookmaker was looking for a partner to update the system and add new features such as automatization of registrations and information exchange, better scan and recognition of tickets and improved process of clarifying results with easier access to individual accounts.

    The client is a Big Data global business intelligence and technology consulting company headquartered in a North Shore suburb of Chicago, IL. The company is focused on building data factories and other advanced analytics for their clients. These intelligent data-centric services allow its customers to get data under control by providing customer insights throughout the enterprise.

    The client was looking for a global team with diverse skills and a specialized approach to grow its software development abilities and capacity. The Intetics Offshore Dedicated Team business model was the optimal solution for the customer. This model provides dedicated development teams along with complete infrastructure and administrative services at one of Intetics Offshore Development Centers. The client gets their own remote development department on a fixed monthly budget.

    The project involves entry and processing of auto-related data which is then used as content for the client’s online information systems (Electronic Information Guides). We have designed a set of tools that extract information from various text and graphic sources and bring it to a unified format in the database. The information is presented in the way allowing its further transformation into the format displayed to end-users. Intetics’ implementations allow us to process vast amounts of information in short spaces of time while avoiding human-factor errors due to process automation. This is a technology-intensive back-end project which helps to optimize the production cycle of the client’s company.

    A packaged web-based application was bought by the Client’s company to track performance in their insurance business, but it lacked the required functionality and flexibility in data analysis and reporting. Intetics designed a flexible reporting framework and integrated it into the system. Based on it, custom reports were created for various business scenarios. Most of them have enhanced filtering features, functionality for exporting to different formats like Excel/PDF/HTML/etc., and impressive UI design.

    The SmartTrip™ system enables corporate travel agents and travellers to book flights by indicating search parameters and getting cumulative results from multiple Web sources. Users can reach an external page with selected flights directly from the SmartTrip search results page. The system allows for airport selection: the user types the name of a city, and SmartTrip displays all airports in the area. Flights found by different search engines are arranged in groups to let the user compare prices on the same flight.

    The FileMind system allows users to quickly search for multimedia files within the corporate intranet. The server part of the system, using a special scanning application that runs as a service, collects and processes information from the intranet, and then stores in a database the metadata, thumbnails, and full-text data from each multimedia file that was found. The client application connects to the server and displays the multimedia contents as a folder tree with customizable file view panes on the right.

    The solution was developed for a call center to facilitate call data collection and analysis. It enables call center operators to capture electronic data for the following call reasons: clinical trial participation, doctor referral, and registering for a medical event. Call data reports can be reviewed both via a browser and via regular email. A permission model provides an adequate access level to call center operators, supervisors and for representatives of external clients.

    The client needed a web-based recruitment solution that would enable the users to manage and process information related to vacancies, candidates, skills and recruiters. There were two approaches to the solution architecture to select from: a full three-tier structure utilizing a separate data layer and an independent business layer, and a simplified structure with no data access layer. We suggested implementing a data access layer because it allowed for separation of the database related functionality from the business layer, making the architecture more structural and flexible.

    The solution is an online career community targeting four groups of potential community members: professionals searching for a job, leaders of career groups or networks in the community willing to leverage their expertise, representatives of companies and recruiting agencies, and coaches willing to promote their coaching practices by providing help to community members.  It is a fully customized and user-friendly system which provides comprehensive career management opportunities. Professionals in transition can use it to access vast employment information resources, find and build the right career community groups, personalize job search preferences, etc. Coaches, search firms, and companies can find it useful to showcase their services. Due to flexible architecture, the system functionality can be easily extended with all necessary features.

    For 12 years, IMPAQ had employed a nearshore outsourcing model, using resources from Eastern Europe to support their in-country teams in Western Europe. Over the past three years, some of the nearshore regions had matured economically, which caused significant increases in costs. In 2005, IMPAQ planned to broaden their marketing technologies services and started to assess new Eastern Europe regions and possible partners. Intetics went through a competitive bid process and was chosen on the basis of both price and quality.

    The Client needed to automate a large number of vehicle defect reports created by employees across all their locations. They needed to reduce the amount of paperwork, speed up the defect processing time and improve planning of repairs. After working with Intetics, the client received 2 highly specialized mobile apps that enabled them to automate their on-the-go processes. An existing app was customized to exactly match the Client’s needs and was securely integrated with their IT infrastructure.

    A Canadian lottery operator relies strongly on their retail network for sales of lottery tickets. The operator must monitor how intermediaries carry the product; they are required by law to regularly inspect licensed vendors to ensure adherence to regulatory and policy requirements.

    The lottery service provider chose Intetics, because of its successful track record of developing custom software solutions and experience developing inspection applications. Intetics first collected the client’s requirements and built a prototype. Based on the feedback, a plan was formulated and Intetics put together a team of software engineers. Using SCRUM methodology throughout
    development, Intetics built a desktop and a mobile application.

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