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    Companies turn to Java for its stability, flexibility and cross-platform opportunities. At Intetics, we provide Java software development services to provide our clients with high-quality and fail-safe applications. The Intetics custom software development teams have sound experience in Java technology and use its vast knowledge to deliver a wide range of software solutions, like:

    • Customer relationship management systems
    • Content management solutions
    • Digital asset management tools
    • Project management tools
    • Supply chain management systems
    • 3D visualization systems
    • Migration from legacy technologies to Java
    • Software systems optimization, reengineering and performance tuning

    The client has an internal system called GANAG CRM, intended to manage the customer database, hotels, business partners, and hardware equipment, monitor the status of the hardware availability and operability, track the service usage, generate bills, and invoice customers. They decided to transfer the system development and maintenance to Intetics in order to increase its quality and availability, and speed up the development of new functionality answering the changes in business processes and requirements. Intetics suggested and implemented procedures of change request management, bug tracking and project collaboration solutions which allowed better control over the development process and made it possible to satisfy budget tracking requirements.

    A USA-based company created an IoT device to help farmers control vegetation growth. The device tracks the amount of received light, temperature, humidity and a few other parameters necessary for calculating the amount of fertilizers for the particular area.

    The IoT device was successfully tested and proved its efficiency for fertilizer optimization. To launch the device to the market, the company needed to make the final step and develop a server-side solution to collect and analyze the received data. The Client needed a partner to face this challenge.

    The client tapped Intetics to run the development of such a solution.

    Intetics builds a coupon management solution for 4,7000+ retail locations to encompass the entire coupon automation process, starting from order creation to settlement with built-in security and visibility. The process had to be very simple and familiar to the end user without the need for extra software or hardware components. The consumer would also have an option of using a mobile device for clipping and redeeming coupons. 

    The startup decided to work with Intetics to build their agronomics database, because of Intetics history of working with startups and application development expertise. Intetics developed a database for aggregation of dissimilar data, automated the process of data collection and analysis, and developed a web application that could access the data.

    Desk-Net is a new platform for cross-media newsroom management targeted at medium-size and large publishing houses. It helps to plan appointments, manage stories, co-ordinate staff, control beats, and streamline cross-media workflows. Thus, it makes the whole range of publishing processes less time-consuming and therefore a lot more productive. In the developed system stories and appointments can be easily assigned to employees. Every user has his/her own personal site where his/her assignments can be tracked. A simple and easy-to-use “Notes” function enables managers to inform their staff. Specific days and sections can be selected for targeted communication. Personnel – internal or external – can get access to certain sections only, thus being restricted in viewing information that is not directly related to their work. Automated email notifications are sent out to inform users about new entries or changes in existing ones. Nowadays the service is used by about 8 companies and the number of customers continues to expand.

    Silicon Systems is a Wokingham, U.K. based company delivering leading-edge, highly supported IT solutions. Flowmation, its primary product, combines Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management tools to help advertising, print and publishing firms easily organize their assets into projects that are accessible to both local and remote project participants. Flowmation was initially developed by staff in-house. However, as Silicon’s user base grew, end-user support and customer requests for more functionality increasingly began to absorb more time and effort. The current team could no longer handle the requests, and at the same time it did not seem possible to expand it quickly and at a reasonable cost within the U.K.

    Intetics client, a global provider of precision instruments and services, needed mobile applications for tablets to automate and streamline monitoring services. The mobile applications were intended to reduce the manual paperwork. In line with that, the applications had to comply with strict environmental requirements, like no internet connection, offline operation, and synchronization with the server. Intetics was chosen based on its expertise in mobile applications development.

    Intetics’s Client, an American FinTech company Distilled Identity, specializes in building AI-driven software applications across payments, credit and fraud prevention, and aggregating analytics to help unlock financial services for their Customers.
    The Client faced the challenge of developing the Minimum Viable Product to the outstanding business idea. The business goal was to attract investment in the second round of startup fundraising. Intetics was tapped as a trusted software vendor, that aligns the Client’s business challenges with appropriate tech stack to win the competition on the market. The Client came to the Intetics by the reference of a famous e-learning solution provider.

    Rombit needed to increase the technical team to transform company’s development processes. The Client’s mission was to help their customers in solving the central issues in the industrial area (unauthorized area access, worker accidents etc.). As an open-minded end-to-end solution provider, they required an experienced software vendor that could revolutionize their existing system. With the passion for the Internet of Things and web technology and needed technical expertise, the Intetics was the perfect match to the Rombit team.

    Intetics’s Client is an international online recruiting agency based in London, UK. The company offers its platform for firms worldwide to advertise job openings. Financial service professionals also use the platform to find job opportunities and career-related information. The network allows job seekers to conduct highly targeted job searches, set up search agents, and post resumes.
    The Agency decided to update their existing technology platform since the technology they were using became outdated. The migration to the new platform should not interrupt 24×7 service or compromise its quality. Along with that, the Client wanted to add new features like efficient resume and database searches, payments processing, increased online security, and ensure the overall quality of their platform. The client also needed their in-house development team that supported the legacy system to be trained in the new technology and become a part of the support team after the migration. Intetics’s Remote In-Sourcing business model was a perfect fit for what they were trying to accomplish, as it allowed the Client’s in-house staff to work with a nearshore dedicated team throughout the migration process, receive guidance as needed, control the progress, speed, and quality of the project.

    Prior to being transferred to the product surface, artworks are printed on a layer and then cut out from it. The two solutions delivered by Intetics improve the printing process to make it fast and efficient. The first one performs accurate auto-nesting of artworks on a layer. It can arrange a set of irregular shaped patterns on a sheet of material with non-overlapping configuration and with minimum cut wastes. The second solution makes it possible to automatically detect artworks that can not be processed, perform complexity measurement to estimate the processing time, and simplify artworks to adapt them to requirements. It has made the processing of images uploaded by the company’s customers about 500 times faster. The increased printing speed and material economy resulted in significant output growth for the business.

    Flowzone is a solution for managing projects in the creative sector. Combining Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Project Management, it allows organizing assets into projects and automating tasks, monitoring the task completion. The client wanted to concentrate more on the business-critical tasks, thus they were looking for a remote team to cover the support and development of the solution. In line with that, the team was to run technical update the solution as per defined roadmap. The Intetics team was selected for its technical expertise and the efficient business model compliant with remote cooperation.

    Clipping Pals is a graphic processing service providing handmade clipping paths which help to isolate images from their backgrounds. Users sign in to the automatic order processing system, upload their scans, gifs, jpegs and illustrations and submit an order for removing certain parts of the image data. The material undergoes handmade processing and the necessary parts are isolated from their background.

    Driver logbook application is an advanced solution that makes professional fleet management, monitoring, and reporting possible. It supports ten languages and provides the following functionality: fast and efficient data retrieval / synchronization; hierarchical menu management and effective navigation; XLS / PDF report generation; email sending; role based administration control and security; high performance and load ability; debugging mechanisms with flexible trace level settings.

    The solution is an online wholesale store intended for customers who perform local inventory using the barcode reading technology. The application allows users to replenish supplies manually if they did not have a barcode scanner or in case of hardware failure during the automatic upload process. The application offers a shopping cart and enables users to create an individual shopping list for each shelf location within their facilities.

    A major manufacturer of optical lenses wanted to enhance and modernize their ordering process and strengthen their existing distributor network. The solution developed by Intetics’ developers reduced the error rate by 75%, reduced the time needed to process orders by 30%, and decreased completion time.

    For this use case, the Client wanted to create a new mobile tablet application to manage instrument functions, with new features such as automation, scheduling, remote operation, multi-user access, and ability to operate 3-4 instruments at the same time. They also wanted to include a comfortable user interface with which they could build their brand. The Client’s IT needed more expertise to develop the new application and turned to Intetics for help.

  • .NET
  • Mobile
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • PHP
  • UiPath

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