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    Intetics data processing solutions empower every company with the information they need to act quickly.

    Data processing has become an undeniable part of IT activities at companies of all sizes. Whether the company operates a large volume of data or a small amount, correct data processing is vital to business. The team of Intetics software engineers helps to deliver solutions that reduce operating costs, save time and improve business processes. Intetics has successfully implemented data processing solutions across the following industries:

    • Publishing
    • Retail
    • E-learning and Education
    • Automotive & Logistics
    • Information Technology
    • Media and Entertainment
    • Manufacturing
    • Finance and Insurance

    The client has an internal system called GANAG CRM, intended to manage the customer database, hotels, business partners, and hardware equipment, monitor the status of the hardware availability and operability, track the service usage, generate bills, and invoice customers. They decided to transfer the system development and maintenance to Intetics in order to increase its quality and availability, and speed up the development of new functionality answering the changes in business processes and requirements. Intetics suggested and implemented procedures of change request management, bug tracking and project collaboration solutions which allowed better control over the development process and made it possible to satisfy budget tracking requirements.

    A USA-based company created an IoT device to help farmers control vegetation growth. The device tracks the amount of received light, temperature, humidity and a few other parameters necessary for calculating the amount of fertilizers for the particular area.

    The IoT device was successfully tested and proved its efficiency for fertilizer optimization. To launch the device to the market, the company needed to make the final step and develop a server-side solution to collect and analyze the received data. The Client needed a partner to face this challenge.

    The client tapped Intetics to run the development of such a solution.

    Intetics builds a coupon management solution for 4,7000+ retail locations to encompass the entire coupon automation process, starting from order creation to settlement with built-in security and visibility. The process had to be very simple and familiar to the end user without the need for extra software or hardware components. The consumer would also have an option of using a mobile device for clipping and redeeming coupons. 

    The Intetics’s Client is the global leader in connected car services and intelligent movement. The company faced the challenge of developing a platform that shows the availability of parking lots and providing accurate information about their population.

    The Client needed a trusted partner with solid technical expertise that could improve the data processing performance and efficiency of the parking lots database.

    Quick Facts Created a cost-effective custom predictive model Combined use of historical data and modern survey methods Covered over 18 km of coastal strip with a unique eco-system

    UK’s bookmaker company manages 5 million customer orders a day. Their existing system was falling behind, as it was built using old technologies that were hard to scale. The system was becoming slow, increasingly hard to support, and it was difficult to add new functionalities.

    The bookmaker was looking for a partner to update the system and add new features such as automatization of registrations and information exchange, better scan and recognition of tickets and improved process of clarifying results with easier access to individual accounts.

    The Intetics Client is the international market leader in terms of heat treatment furnaces and plants with production sites in Europe, America and Asia. The Client’s products are used in the fields of atmosphere, vacuum, plasma, solder and sinter technology, and these products are supplied to hardening plants and companies from the following industries: automobile, medical technology, aerospace tooling and mechanical engineering.

    The company needed a centralized system to manage all devices across their locations in more than 30 countries. The Client wanted to conduct data gathering from the trackers, make market analysis, predict changes in the industry. The Client faced the challenge of tech expertise shortage to streamline the data from different local ERP systems, that were just accumulating the data without aggregating it. Intetics was chosen to address this challenge.

    The project involves entry and processing of auto-related data which is then used as content for the client’s online information systems (Electronic Information Guides). We have designed a set of tools that extract information from various text and graphic sources and bring it to a unified format in the database. The information is presented in the way allowing its further transformation into the format displayed to end-users. Intetics’ implementations allow us to process vast amounts of information in short spaces of time while avoiding human-factor errors due to process automation. This is a technology-intensive back-end project which helps to optimize the production cycle of the client’s company.

    A packaged web-based application was bought by the Client’s company to track performance in their insurance business, but it lacked the required functionality and flexibility in data analysis and reporting. Intetics designed a flexible reporting framework and integrated it into the system. Based on it, custom reports were created for various business scenarios. Most of them have enhanced filtering features, functionality for exporting to different formats like Excel/PDF/HTML/etc., and impressive UI design.

    Clipping Pals is a graphic processing service providing handmade clipping paths which help to isolate images from their backgrounds. Users sign in to the automatic order processing system, upload their scans, gifs, jpegs and illustrations and submit an order for removing certain parts of the image data. The material undergoes handmade processing and the necessary parts are isolated from their background.

    Editorial Control System (ECS) is a web-based internal business process application for content and information base management. Intetics localized it, and also performed its internationalization by developing a text extracting tool to separate UI elements (resources) from source code. To increase the speed of finding and extracting “hard-coded” strings from source code, String Extraction Tool was created. After the extraction process, all hard-coded strings are replaced with function calls to the Resource Manager module that returns strings for the current locale.

    The Client has developed a stereolithography restorative device that utilizes software for creating three-dimensional models of teeth. The software employs the binary STL file format, and its drawback is the large size of files containing information about an object. To solve this problem, Intetics has created an STL compression algorithm which works as a dynamic link library to be used with external applications. Two compression modes are available: lossy mode allowing for the posterization of triangle coordinates, and lossless mode providing precise data storage and decompression.

    The solution is an online wholesale store intended for customers who perform local inventory using the barcode reading technology. The application allows users to replenish supplies manually if they did not have a barcode scanner or in case of hardware failure during the automatic upload process. The application offers a shopping cart and enables users to create an individual shopping list for each shelf location within their facilities.

    The Call Center system was developed for a telephone service dealer company that major German telephone service providers supply with the information on their customers. The dealer company offers them services in extending their contracts. We have built a comprehensive intranet system for importing, validating, storing, and issuing the information on the old, current, and new contracts signed by the customers of telephone service providers, as well as for processing the information that is necessary for negotiating and preparing new contracts. The built-in contract generating mechanism is easy-to use, and it allows an agent to prepare and print out a contract in no time. After a contract is signed, all the related information is added to the Call Center database and also transferred to the proper telephone service provider. After Call Center was basically deployed, an additional task appeared: the dealer company decided to implement a multilevel marketing system for attracting new customers. A new feature added to the system lets agents enter and process information on the potential customers and calculate the award fees.

    For 12 years, IMPAQ had employed a nearshore outsourcing model, using resources from Eastern Europe to support their in-country teams in Western Europe. Over the past three years, some of the nearshore regions had matured economically, which caused significant increases in costs. In 2005, IMPAQ planned to broaden their marketing technologies services and started to assess new Eastern Europe regions and possible partners. Intetics went through a competitive bid process and was chosen on the basis of both price and quality.

    The solution had to manage in a scalable and reliable way a larger customer database with information collected from 7 countries where the retails stores were located. The Client wanted a long-term solution to process and manage the customer database efficiently. They were looking for a partner to collect the data from different data sources such as kiosk registration points, paper forms, web pages, payment history, etc., then process and report it for efficient marketing campaigns.

    A leading mapping company needed help creating an efficient call center structure to continuously verify and update data entries in their existing POI database, which contained millions of location-based records. They were adding new places to their database, but lacked the sufficient language capabilities and personnel to successfully verify all new data entries coming from all over the world. They were looking for a partner with extensive languages capabilities, who had an affordable and scalable model that would allow expansion based on their business needs.

    Intetics’s client ModlinTM – the e-learning company- came up with an idea to create and implement a virtual learning platform for schools in South Africa. The platform was intended to enhance school learning and advance the adoption of personalized learning. While the Client had both education and technology expertise, they needed additional resources to help create a fully functional customized learning software. Their learning environment needed to have different levels of access to be used by administrators, teachers, content creators, and students. It needed to be easily usable for students to accelerate learning, but also track their performance to let teachers know their progress. To cover these needs, ModlinTM addressed Intetics with a request to accomplish these objectives.

    Intetics’s client, a UK-based wearables development company, decided to enrich the product with an emotional-response feature. The feature should allow sports fans to share their emotional reactions to sports events. For successful implementation of this feature, the client needed the team of experts who would build the machine learning algorithm for emotions recognition. The company approached Intetics with the request to fulfill the task within a strict time span.

    Intetics’s client, a leading company in the production of mapping software, wanted to update the base of points of interest collected at a certain distance from specific highways for better geolocation. The client needed to collect and analyze POIs in a clearly defined radius to exclude any possible duplicate creation within their existing database. Since the process demanded constant maintenance to keep the database in an up-to-date condition, it required the lowest cost model combined with the delivery of the highest accuracy of data

    Challenge Trying to be highly productive and meet client’s expectations, Intetics recruitment team wanted to transform recruiting and HR operations, since the current processes were rigid, restrictive and time-consuming. Intetics decided to leverage newly developed RPA solution to automate the repetitive actions and face the challenge. Solution To effectively adapt …

    Intetics developed an unattended RPA solution to leverage invoice data processing workflows

    The Client reported sufficient ROI enhancements among other business benefits

    Staffing received an opportunity to perform more sophisticated tasks due to the RPA adoption

    Client received the RPA solution that can automatically generate invoices, send credit notes to partners, and post relevant data to SAP

    In 1.5 month, our team improved the process execution by 75% regarding the time resources spent and by 71% in terms of SLA performance

    As a result, client uses 12 automated process steps including operations like opening files of various formats, data selection, data modification, data copy-pasting, files saving, printing, and uploading to the SAP system.

    Quick Facts 93% of the view data received from Intetics’ field teams met the quality requirements. The Client has been able to save up to 20% of the allocated budget due to the increased efficiency of the development processes. Providing the project is still an ongoing one, we have already …

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