Recruitment Portal

Recruitment Portal



Dunn Solutions Group (, a major technology consulting firm headquartered in Illinois, U.S.A., and specializing in knowledge, transactional, and business intelligence solutions.

Dunn Solutions Group needed a Web-based recruitment solution that would enable the users to manage and process information related to vacancies, candidates, skills, and recruiters. There were two approaches to the solution architecture to select from: a full three-tier structure utilizing a separate data layer and an independent business layer, and a simplified structure with no data access layer. We suggested implementing a data access layer because it allowed for separation of the database related functionality from the business layer making the architecture more structural and flexible.


The recruitment portal that we have delivered offers the users comprehensive functionality including the following features.

  • User authentication and role-based authorization;
  • Candidate management pool (browsing, adding, updating, deleting candidate related information; matching a candidate with job requisitions);
  • Job requisition management pool (browsing, adding, updating, deleting job requisition related information; matching a job requisition with candidates);
  • Candidate processing for a selected job requisition;
  • Processing candidates through the hiring workflow based on a candidate / job requisition association;
  • Managing recruiters and clients related data;
  • Managing the skill tree of the system;
  • Managing the lookup data of the system.

The users of the system are identified and assigned rights to according to their roles of a Manager or Recruiter.

The application architecture comprises the following parts.

  • MS SQL Server back-end database that all recruitment related information is stored in;
  • Data abstraction layer separating database related functionality from the business layer;
  • Business layer operating on underlying database entities and containing all the application logic;
  • Web site based on the business layer and providing access to the portal end-user features;
  • External interface for third-party consumers / applications using HTTP and SOAP protocols.

Using an independent business layer and a separate data access layer allows for smooth migration of the database management system to a database server other than MS SQL if necessary.

Technologies Utilized

  • MS Windows 2000 / XP
  • .NET (ASP.NET, C#, Web Services), JavaScript
  • Codegeneration using CodeSmith, Ajax for .NET, Test Driven Development
  • MS Windows Server 2003
  • MS SQL


We have successfully developed and implemented a recruitment portal with an intuitive Web interface and comprehensive functionality. The system provides all necessary tools encompassing the full recruitment cycle from client management and vacancy registration to candidate skills tracking to processing candidates through the entire hiring workflow, which significantly streamlines the recruitment procedures of the company.

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