Intetics Helps Instant Messenger Users Stay Secure

Intetics Helps Instant Messenger Users Stay Secure


To develop an application for encryption of instant messengers to provide better security level and protect customer information exchange


Intetics’s Client is a leading creator of award-winning security solutions and one of the most trusted brands in the Internet community. The company’s endpoint security product line is deployed in global enterprises, small businesses, and consumers’ homes, protecting them from Internet-born threats.

After conducting the research in messaging security, Zone Labs came up with a new idea for a security solution for major IM services. To develop the application, the company needed a team with appropriate knowledge and skills in the software security domain. Zone Labs turned to Intetics to ramp up a dedicated development team at Intetics Offshore Development Center.


The Intetics’s team started as a small group of information security experts selected by Zone Labs. The engineers conducted thorough research on conventional IM security tools. Most tools proved to be program- and even version-dependent, which justified the encryption-per-protocol approach worked out by Zone Labs. The new software was supposed to function on the protocol level and, as a result, it should comply with various IM solutions.

At the development stage of the project, the Intetics Team went through incremental research, prototyping, and implementations to resolve numerous engineering problems and challenges, all resulting in a successful launch. IMsecure became a unique security product providing comprehensive protection for IM communications. IMsecure guarantees total privacy of communication, preventing interception of confidential information, reducing the exposure to viruses, and protecting IM users from spam.

After successful implementation of IMsecure as a separate application, Zone Labs decided to integrate it into the security suit-package. The knowledge and skills accumulated by the Offshore Dedicated team were further employed by Zone Labs to perform diverse tasks and develop more products for new suit-package. The Intetics team covered firewall development, automation issues, updating the antivirus system to improve the functionality of the Client’s system.

As the project expanded, the team grew from 5 to 20 specialists and became an integral part of Zone Labs.

The implementation of the Client’s idea won the customer’s loyalty and enhanced its reputation on the market. It resulted in the acquisition of the Zone Labs by Check Point, the most trusted provider of endpoint security solutions.

We at Zone Labs have worked with the offshore dedicated team provided by Intetics for over three years, with great success. They know what they are doing, are highly professional, listen to their customers, stand behind their work, and are not too expensive. The quality of work is consistently high and development processes are well established


Working with Intetics, the Client received a scalable, user-friendly and functional application for messages encryption.

The Intetics Team helped Zone Labs to improve automation of the quality assurance process that continuously maintained the existed Client’s solution.

In conditions of the development of a new product, the offshore dedicated team proved to be the most effective organizational structure, strategically important for the success of the venture. Direct management of the Offshore Dedicated team allowed Zone Labs to make the project implementation time- and cost-efficient.

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